The development trend of network marketing in 08 years

last 2007, the development trend of Chinese network marketing mainly includes eight aspects: search engine marketing position; depth development of WEB2.0 network marketing mode; the value of network marketing business website; network video advertising; network advertising form more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises; plug-in class network promotion website operation and product market evolution; focus on user experience; Internet user behavior research.

one, the depth of the development of WEB2.0 network marketing model

2007 blog marketing has achieved rapid development, in 2008 the enterprise blog marketing is expected to become the mainstream of network marketing, blog marketing has become a part of the marketing strategy of enterprise network, enterprise network marketing blog lead into full marketing era. At the same time more WEB2.0 network marketing model will obtain different levels of development, such as marketing, network marketing, RSS marketing, based on the SNS podcast network community marketing mode etc..

enterprise website network marketing value will be improved

with IE7 and increase the number of Firefox users, web sites that do not conform to the WEB standard will not be able to get the normal browsing effect, which will promote the WEB standard by the website construction process to a certain extent. Standard Chinese Internet association enterprise website construction guidance in 2007 will be formally issued by the international WEB and the new competitive website optimization ideas and after a lot of research and development based on this specification will play a positive role in improving the website construction service providers and enterprise website construction professional level. When more and more enterprise website construction in line with the network marketing orientation, enterprise website network marketing value will be significantly improved.

two, search engine is still the first network marketing tool

2008 search engine marketing development and with the development of a variety of a trend which cannot be halted, professional search engine and search engine model, role of search engine in network marketing is more prominent, search engine marketing patterns are evolving constantly, in addition to the conventional search engine optimization and search engine keyword advertising, advertising and other web content positioning the basic way of professional search engine (such as blog search engines), local search engine promotion and will also promote the system of search engine marketing methods to further expand and improve.

three, video network advertising, sample entity display will become a new competitive hotspot

by You Tube and other video sites successful stimulation, there will be a large number of video sites and the explosive development, the traditional portals and search engines will also be video network advertising as one of the future direction of development, but is expected in 2007 in the video advertising is difficult to develop to a more mature stage, it is an area of concern.

four, more suitable for small and medium enterprises in the form of online advertising

traditional display class BANNER network advertising and R>

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