What should be done by the stationmaster that day is bigger than 5000P

notes: "friend Marx movie website as an example, his site on average about IP7000, he was puzzled that I find myself, I hope I can give him some advice, I put the idea to him said, based on I said he has added its own thought, insist on less than half a year, his IP in about 3W, I took his experience to share.

if your site on the IP is greater than 5000, then you early publicity planning work, you should do well, then you may wish to take a look, maybe this idea will enlighten you, let the whole of your website and then rise to a higher level. If your site IP has not reached this level, then you go to see the first article, where the idea is to give the IP more than 5000 of the webmaster to provide ideas.

stable flow your site at around 5000, some owners may feel pleased with oneself, has done a good job, in fact, this time your station has basically taken shape, your IP, the popularity of the website, the higher the profit…… At this time the value of the space is the biggest, if you know how to use your website is likely to squeeze into the large and medium-sized website or portal website classification apartment layout ranks, so it can be described as "on the bucket". If you are pleased with oneself, it will have two kinds: first, your IP will slowly drop down, naturally do not say. Second still maintain the status quo waiting for the slow development…… Do webmaster. Always remember "the sky will not fall, there is no free lunch." This time the owners do not go wrong, if the wrong is likely to put you hard so long standing to ruin…… ..

how to talk about how to maintain the current traffic on the basis of your IP to increase again. First here, some strategies in our previous say can copy to here, such as some fraudulent IP method, if you are prepared to take this way, unless you are hao123 or you will soon finish. Remember to remember that this time if you do not have enough money or the ability to not take malicious promotion way.

first: learn to hype their own website or

look at the successful webmaster do not have to talk about his own hype, speaking of the Ma, this is a speculation master, we can learn about the people, and give you a site example here, let everyone see the necessity of speculation, a winery manager to worry about their own sales, his well-known brand of small. The degree is not high, but here he has a well-known brand, this is the biggest reason for his confusion, after long meditation, with a group of his own, arrived at a local hotel the most famous point, a lot of dishes, all is the most expensive, this hotel the general manager gave a shock, guess is the big consortium, or the important characters, they carefully served, such as a table of dishes all together.

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