Jiang Likun Ten Tips for industry website operation promotion

relative to traditional industries, the threshold of the Internet business is very low, and even a person, zero capital can venture. So there are a lot of groups and individuals, are flocking to the internet. For the Internet venture, I am most optimistic about the industry site and local sites in these two areas, and these two, and now it is relatively hot. So today jianglikun will come together and discuss the operation and promotion industry site. First say a major premise, industry website to be successful, it must have sufficient understanding of the industry, even in the Internet related knowledge; at the same time to also have certain understanding and understanding, such as site planning, otherwise it will be very difficult. So we do in front of the industry site, we must first fill these two classes. OK, below the point.


: skills

Jiang Likun has always believed that, for network promotion, the platform is the foundation, the content is the key. So no matter what kind of website, in the promotion before, we must first make sure good internal strength. And for the industry website, to practice those skills?

a, for the new problem solving

comrades do the Internet, often in the mouth of a word is to seize eighty percent of users". For the industry website, the most easy to catch the person who is just entering the new or experienced few people, they are the so-called eighty percent users". And want to seize this part of the user, the most basic one is to help them solve the problem. In fact, for this group of people, the problem is usually a small problem is not difficult, and often the old question is often asked, so it is easier to solve, the key is to have patience.

two, intimate service

said the content is king, but really want to rely on content to win, is getting harder and harder. Because the content is too easy to copy. So Jiang Likun’s point of view is to do service, this is the most difficult to copy, and is not easy to be beyond. Service may be divided into two kinds:

is a service manual: for example, a push site, belonging to the field of marketing promotion of the industry Web site, the most characteristic service is free to do marketing training camp and a push for the website free vein site diagnosis of the two forum for users. Loved by the relevant industry personnel.

two is self service: this service usually requires technical means to achieve, such as the phone number attribution query, Bus inquiries, map query, etc.. Compared with the manual service, the service is more convenient and easier to operate, and saves time and effort. But the shortcomings are obvious, easy to copy. So do not want to be beyond, you need to constantly improve the functions and data, make their own brand.

tips: everyone in the actual operation, do not serve for the service. Planning out of the service, we must start from the user needs to focus on the intimate two words.

three, authoritative content

industry Web site want to do, it must be >

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