Micro-blog experience micro-blog promotion focus needs to focus on three aspects


, I believe many people should be in the application, all micro-blog users increased rapidly, registered users billions of dollars. You must make friends on micro-blog’s market potential and influence is very understanding. So, how to catch the express train from micro-blog, the booming business in a share, using micro-blog to promote their own site? The following is some of my humble opinion, I hope to help you.

first, find their own website with the relevance of micro-blog to promote

use micro-blog to promote the site, the first thing to note is to find the relevant micro-blog, the so-called correlation, that is, some of the content of micro-blog and your site keywords, etc.. If I was selling computers, then I will use the main micro-blog will be on the computer or computer repair knowledge, such as micro-blog. And bloggers exchange, not only to promote the site, but also allows you to know more like-minded people in the field of expertise will be harvested.

two, emphasizing the interactivity of micro-blog to enhance the credibility of the site

to make full use of micro-blog’s quick and easy and updated frequently, emphasizing the interaction of micro-blog. You can see the first micro-blog reply and relevant content on your site, it will attract to your micro-blog, for the promotion of the website and then in your own micro-blog promotion, the best to say third people sigh, such advertising means not so thick, users will be more likely to believe.

three, as far as possible to do the blog is interesting and can be seen

micro-blog is synonymous with fashion and personality. So in the writing of micro-blog, but also to Gardner reflect the characteristics of micro-blog, micro-blog will try to write content but there is no lack of humor, amiable and easy of approach. This is not so rigid rigid, but also easier to accept, micro-blog is not only reflected in advertising, but also more humane. Of course, also want to maintain the normal range of micro-blog information release, too much information in a short period of time do not release, give people the impression that Shuabing, will lose the meaning of the microwave promotion website.

four, to maintain the authenticity and timeliness of micro-blog content

interesting and interesting article is important, but for this point – the authenticity of micro-blog content is the most important point of the above three points. Only the real thing can move others. The authenticity of the content of the article will also affect the customer to your micro-blog and the integrity of the site. So, from the user’s point of view, no matter how good ideas and activities, but to see the promotion of the final activities and the implementation of the text there is a gap, it is inevitable that they will be greatly reduced to what you say. So, it can not be ignored on the micro-blog, this is the most basic point. User satisfaction and feeling is truth!

more than a few points that I should pay attention to the promotion of micro-blog a summary of the summary, I hope you can stand and do a lot of friends with the exchange of experience, improve together. I hope I can write to you a little

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