Huicong net domain name from all nets 10 years of cooperation declared broke out


HC CEO Guo Jiang of micro-blog

May 18th news, in May this year after the beginning of HC anti hegemony nets alliance, today and M-net disputes to usher in a new progress: the domain has all from network roll out, 10 year history of cooperation with both sides declared officially broke up.

today, HC CEO Guo Jiang in the Tencent micro-blog said, "yesterday has been determined to please Yu Guofu (micro-blog) and the lawyer agency of our civilink lawsuit…… The system director told me that the domain management we have from the nets all turn out."

HC and million net for nearly ten years, paid a total of hundreds of thousands of nets, and finally to break up such situation, I think the domain then placed in the network is not safe, it is a network for ten years the voice of customers, please Ali executives think of customers where is the first! "Guo Jiang so stressed.

and HC nets of disputes originated in April 21st this year, in the afternoon, Huicong network domain name registration service provider network company will domain closure, HC Shanghai, Zhejiang, led to Shanxi, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hebei and other customers as long as 4 hours can not be normal access.


, HC announced the prosecution nets close their domain name, and built the independent website, said the anti hegemony nets alliance, promote the relevant legislation in the field of domain name service.

today, HC domain from all sides all turn out, 10 years of cooperation declared broke.

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