Gaopeng officially opened QQ login claims 2 million registered users

March 16th, Gaopeng ( group purchase business officially launched in Beijing and Shanghai respectively, the launch of two group purchase project.

It is reported that

, Gaopeng today each city provides two preferential projects, Beijing district is spa packages and KTV coupons, Shanghai is Wine vouchers and slimming packages.

at the same time, Gaopeng and QQ account has been opened up, supported by QQ and QQ through the account login, user account login can get points and return the amount of the order discount of 5%, QQ members can return the amount of the order discount of 10%.

in addition, Gaopeng has also launched a "Pui League certification" system, this system is used to authenticate the merchant’s credit degree, the user can get more privileges and authentication points in the consumer business.

‘s leader Ouyang Yun said, "Gaopeng attaches great importance to the quality of the business group purchase project, carefully selected, strict examination, demanding requirements, the purpose is to allow users to truly enjoy the dream of low-priced brand-name products and services, and through the requirement of long-term intensive and meticulous farming understand user and guide the City boutique way of life. Gaopeng is committed to making the urban population pressure on their bid farewell to life, love deeper city."

Gaopeng said Gaopeng since the opening registration, within just a half month has nearly 2 million registered users.

It is reported that

, Gaopeng last month was established, the site is jointly funded by the Tencent Groupon, industry win fund and Yunfeng fund. (Lei Feng)

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