Ali had a point one group officially privatization content Carnival

has been the pursuit of the contents of each platform is the most enthusiastic, whether it is the early acquisition of Internet Co mergers and acquisitions media, or the latter’s strong support from the media. The enterprise through the Internet tools to create their own voice, to the network industry brand, guard Yuan Kun that seize the content this market has become increasingly fierce, the value of output is definitely a great opportunity.

Internet Co will have to mention BAT, for the content of this piece, especially for the media. Tencent is undoubtedly the most massive grasp of the resources and channels, followed by Baidu, and Ali worst. Ali, in order to better seize this piece of the market, or do a lot of efforts, such as the acquisition of network (domain name service provider the largest stake in micro-blog, the world of Finance and Economics), Ali pictures, tiger sniffing, 36kr etc..

news April 6th, one group (Youku potatoes) announced on November 6, 2015 announced plans to merge, one group and Alibaba group has completed a merger, became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Alibaba’s.


why Ali will be the layout of the media, I believe that many friends can say some of their own views, but the guardian of Queensland as a marketing people feel that there are two very important points.

first, to seize the information channel.

Tencent first layout of the big Chu and other regional portal, and later acquired a stake in a number of media platforms, coupled with the force of the mobile terminal WeChat public platform is to let it occupy the absolute resources and advantages. The Baidu news is the largest and most authoritative news platform, together with the help of Baidu encyclopedia and library platform, the rise of Baidu hundred, the recent Baidu media and a series of initiatives to quickly seize the market. Ali is relatively poor, although also acquired some media, but this is also a lack of.

two, brand PR and marketing promotion.

any enterprise will have negative information, how to do it? It is necessary to give the fastest response measures, and master a lot of media is certainly a better solution to the problem of brand public relations. And brand public relations is related to marketing, Ali for the promotion of the demand is very large, whether it is portal, blog, forum, video or micro-blog platform for the layout of the urgent needs.

some people say that the BAT is too far away from us, and Yuan Kun believes that some of their actions are giving us the message: the importance of content. Before the content is basically out of the site, when the owners of this group is very fire, followed by a blog, and micro-blog, WeChat now, so that our content has become increasingly diverse. Content is not limited to text, more friends are concerned about pictures, audio and video. The key is as a member of the Internet, what can we make


enterprises do network marketing has been more and more emphasis on personalization, people >

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