Microsoft major vulnerability massive worm attacks followed

[CCIDNET -IT news] Microsoft Technology (Microsoft) in its latest information security announcement, confirmed an attack to the remote desktop protocol (Remote Desktop Protocol, RDP) of the major security vulnerabilities, impact scope covers most versions of Windows, Microsoft is expected to be a hacker within 30 days for this vulnerability to attack.

The same day

announced in the Microsoft MS12-020 vulnerability (Tuesday March 13, 2012), Trend Micro that attacks against this vulnerability to provide protection, and will continue to monitor its development situation and timely update. The installation of Trend Micro Deep Security customers can prevent vulnerabilities in critical systems under attack, always maintain the best vulnerability protection. OfficeScan Intrusion Defense Firewall technology trends can also prevent the Windows desktop computer and notebook computer vulnerabilities, and close integration with the trend of OfficeScan technology provides a unified management console. In addition, the Trend Micro threat management solutions TDA has also added to the vulnerability detection capabilities that can detect attacks using this vulnerability.


Microsoft is expected to attack time is 30 days, in fact, Microsoft announced a few hours number MS12-020 vulnerability, which confirmed the attack behavior that already exists, can cause the use of Windows 7 computer downtime, or to Windows XP operating system for distributed denial of service attack (Distributed Denial Of Service, DDoS). All system administrators are now facing a double challenge: updating critical system patches as soon as possible, while reducing downtime.

"the first and most important, is to recognize the seriousness of the attacks," the trend of science and Technology (China District) technical director Cai Shengqin said, "because the enterprise is widely used in remote desktop protocol, therefore, when hackers access to the system through the remote control of vulnerabilities, the situation will become very dangerous." For a major threat to this vulnerability, managers should immediately update the operating system, or the system is temporarily isolated.

Although Microsoft has

for this major flaw update, most of the institutions for whether to immediately update system patches may still hang back. This is because such updates must first test IT system, to ensure that this update will not break the existing application or service, after all, to close the shoulder the important function or service server (mission-critical servers) and in the tens of thousands of terminals complete the update work complex is a great challenge. In general, this kind of major software vulnerabilities each year about more than 2 thousand, with an average of more than 8 working days. Therefore, before the vulnerability attack, the IT Department >

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