Liar will eventually go to the decline – liar liar data change the whole process of science and tech

liar will eventually go to the decline – liar liar data change the entire process of science and technology


talked about everyone will hate liar, cheater cheated more than money, more is the webmaster heart! We cheated in order to reduce the chance of some prevention techniques are summarized, which some certainly is not a panacea, liar approach in change, pattern in the number, we can only be careful.

1, met a space business or alliance, we can search the search engine inside his important information to see if he has more than a skin! For example, we search for "safe"


so that the search engine can be very intuitive to see a few of the swindlers skin.

2, do not be greedy petty gain, greed is the biggest source of human being fooled, but the liar is to seize the greed of people who often succeed!

100 constant data is done, they have a lot of thirty yuan or four yuan a few virtual host, so the price is many webmaster stand at the early stage of the dream, and they also indicate no obvious host flow unlimited IIS connection, which makes a station Laoniao look funny things have got those rookie blitz

!What do you think

will not have so cheap, certainly tricky, buy, sell, you will feel what is really cheap, every two or three days problems, finally find an excuse to shut your station or secretly for your station advertising! This is really picking up sesame. The watermelon


3, a sign when the liar is exhausted, he will change a new sign! Youbaiheng data the signs have been used almost, recently they have registered a new international domain (CN domain name will not be considered) the full name of is Shanghai Ling Hao network science and technology,



but do not change the soup, the template or the template, customer service or customer service,


or the payee! It’s just a domain name. If his old signs have not returned to the original, then it will be crazy to slander those who expose him


which produced a series of articles liar Zhang Xifeng! "Http://" in this series of articles which is trying to search the following comments, don’t believe, to observe their own


because the network is virtual, we see anything is virtual, it is impossible to see the expression of the characters, so it is difficult to distinguish. Here to teach you a method of

defamation Zhang Xifeng, information >

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