A free space to hold their own server experience

      I was a rookie, I give God is constantly learning and learning! From 99 years at the school on the outside of the cafe first net, at that time, the boss to help me to apply for a QQ number, I asked her, this is the Internet? She said is about! At that time all funny!       should be 02 years, the magazine said y365.com for free space applications, but also 10M the autonomic innervation of the HTML space, regardless of the 3721, the name of "dream of wind literature website" and then a period of big drum up according to their own! Learn to know and online template, get a few days, but also spent a lot of money (5 yuan / hour), I learn the computer, but do not know is love crunching some literature these things, love online reproduced more famous novels, such as: when more famous: "the last war" "Chongqing tonight, Forget me…… Give me the deepest feelings, is reproduced in "the last war" this article notes when my email has received more than and 10 letters of email users ask about my illness, some netizens said to support me! I wrote back to them, I am not the author, I just reproduced it! It seems that there are still good people online! In this way, I continue to do what I like to reprint! Look at their own static hand and do all the netizens message! Quite a sense of accomplishment! The weather is unpredictable! By the end of 04 years, as Y365.com was framed (they said), their servers in Zhanjiang were all sealed! So, I have all the data is not, and I still suffer the free users nearly 100 thousand. But I’m very grateful to them because I was sailing from there!

        in the 05 year, introduced by friends, can I apply for a ASP space (called the happy house, now renamed, become devoted to the study of GG advertising website), spent 120 yuan.NET registered a domain name, and the name of "reading workshop". Special literature websites; and then download the more famous 4.03 PowerEasy system, as the site background, this update will not work so hard as before, but also have FTP permissions! At that time, when I was free, I went out to the Internet cafe to update the article! Seems to be a hobby in my spare time! Because the site left my QQ, over time, but also to meet a large group of friends who have common interests! Then I encouraged them to help me build this website and help me update the article! Ebook free download! Leisure time chat with everyone in the group, fun!

        happiness is not too long! Should be the end of 05, happy house server was attacked, but also get the back door! Angrily, formatted happy house webmaster operating system, and said do not install DLL components to the system (>

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