The impact of sea Amoy on the domestic e-commerce


since this year, frequent purchasing conditions overseas, sea generation has come to a bottleneck in the development of the crossroads. Some small and medium-sized businesses will see gap It is all up with early exit from the competition. But there are still some businesses do not want to give up, through various channels, such as micro-blog to achieve marketing. But the only one not to be able to meet the expanding domestic consumer demand. In order to compensate for the negligence of this channel, sea Amoy family gradually rise.

sea Amoy, refers to shopping in overseas / foreign websites, search overseas commodity information through the Internet, and through the electronic purchase order issued by shopping request, and then fill in the personal credit card numbers from overseas shopping website through the international express delivery, or by collecting cargo transport company and then forwarded to return home. Sea Amoy, the general method of payment is to the delivery of goods through online credit card payment or PayPal account payment. The whole process of almost no business to intervene in China, so it was predicted that the rise of the sea Amoy family is a fatal blow to the domestic e-commerce. Next, we analyze the influence of the sea Amoy domestic e-commerce.

first, the securities daily analysis of Taobao’s double eleven online shopping Carnival to promote consumer spending a lot, but there is a huge potential for consumption is not released. It pointed out that Tmall, Jingdong and other domestic electricity supplier has been difficult to meet this potential consumption, because this part of the Internet users have a special liking for foreign products. Due to the decline of the generation of the sea, if the purchase of foreign products can only rely on their own and do not rely on the generation of Taobao merchants, which is bound to reduce the volume of Taobao. Especially in the case of the current situation of foreign consumption enthusiasm, the loss of the sea on behalf of this shopping way for domestic electricity supplier is not a small blow.

dual eleven – although in the past, more than half have swept. Whether it is because of the double eleven turnover, Taobao’s move is wise. If a real product of this piece does not take an advantage in the promotion, and the frequency of this aspect also must take the lead, take one method will make both the gap is too large. But this approach is only Taobao, Jingdong such a large electricity supplier has sufficient strength, small and medium enterprises is still a step by step. Do not suddenly assault, put himself into a dead end.

second, smart shopping abroad will sea Amoy sale period, but also clever fruit logistics this off. Low price of goods is not suitable for sea amoy. There was a colleague in a foreign website to buy a yoga mat, goods equivalent to 80 yuan, while in the time of payment was found to cost $130. And the sea Amoy also bear the risk of transport, due to the transit process needs to go through a lot of checkpoints, many items can be transferred in the continuous damage or simply not. And all this loss must be borne by the buyer. From this perspective, if the domestic electricity supplier can be aware of their own advantages, strengthen to them, it is the best way to deal with the sea amoy.

third, although >

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