The double 11, Ronglian four Raiders to help you win

keyword: Rong Lian 11 electricity supplier war

annual double 11, for consumers, is a hand chop Carnival festival. For businesses, it is undoubtedly an annual final assessment. Businesses in addition to stocking and propaganda thought, how can the quick step in technology? In the electricity supplier war, the people of Taobao Jingdong Su Ning for having heard it many times, but the page behind the large number of technical support manufacturers have no knowledge, this paper introduces four Raiders assists to play your

consumer war!

1, registration, payment War: World verification code, the only fast break

shopping big battle, in fact, is a verification code, the general assembly war". In the previous big promotion, or rush to buy an order, the results found that the login password forgotten, and when the password was delayed to receive verification code SMS, it is urgent to death. Either have to order the payment link, but has not received the payment verification code, it is to let a person can scarcely wait. And this year, 11, consumers suddenly feel that the verification code is no longer a thing, even if you can not receive verification code text messages, you can quickly get a voice verification code, it is to make people fast.

data show that the arrival rate of the verification code is relatively low, the industry is also the best in 95%. The voice verification code stamp is not the industry pain points sms. Since the voice verification code can effectively solve the problem of SMS verification code does not arrive, so the electronic business platform has enabled voice verification code to enhance the user experience.

at present, including Jingdong, Taobao, shop No. 1, Yi Xun, LETV business platform will solve in the verification message + voice using Yung iunin communication provided by code scheme.

2, logistics distribution Wars: order to serve more timely and reliable

turnover of 91 billion 200 million yuan, the order of the logistics of the 467 million – this is the last year, "double" Alibaba’s platform to create a record of 11. According to the China express Association, rookie network forecast, this year "double 11" universal "buy buy buy" or to express industry brings over 1 billion packages, just a week to produce and handle such huge logistics orders, is still on the express industry Chinese huge challenge.

especially in the current university, closed management of the District, office due to strict management, courier can only be sent downstairs, can not guarantee delivery. Courier downstairs to call the building one by one to pick up the phone, and then wait for someone to pick up objects, a lot of time is spent waiting. Especially in the double 11 period, the delivery time of the delivery staff is extremely rare, aimless waiting for a direct impact on the overall business efficiency and distribution efficiency. The delay time is more than, more important is the serious impact on the user experience.

Yung iunin communication voice products solutions can solve business enterprise in the delivery process in the last mile problem: a relatively short period of time will send notification to the majority of users, improve the work efficiency effectively in time to create more benefits, reduce the staff waiting.

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