Select the domain name a little experience

domain name for a web site, it is also very important. If the domain name is good, the development of the website can be promoted. Now there are few good domain names. Short domain names and domain names that have specific meanings are numbered. Then we select the domain name in the end what should notice? Of course this problem many veterans have a lot of ideas, not to choose the domain name to pay attention to all aspects elaborated here, I want to talk about a bit experience and experience of my own.

choose the domain name is if you can try to choose the site of the Chinese Pinyin, so your site is very good. He can allow users to see the theme of your site, easy to remember, in addition to the key to the Chinese pinyin to bring you a lot of traffic. But it is now the site of the domain name spelling is very difficult to get, then we can let the site name prefix or suffix spelling. For example, my website, hip-hop online, I chose the domain name is the advantage of doing so is easy to remember the user, the other is the Jiewu keyword can bring me a lot of traffic every day. Because a lot of people search hip-hop, it will mistakenly enter jiewu". And because my domain name contains "Jiewu", so "Jiewu" the key word is very easy to row to Baidu’s home page. Now "Jiewu" this keyword can be stable to me every day with 30-40 ip. Through the ‘Jiewu’ is the key word of customers are like hip-hop, are my target customers.


above is I do stand experience, wrong, please forgive me.

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