O2O rely on subsidies to hit the market, absolutely not a permanent solution

read in a restaurant industry media today to a "Amoy little recruitment catering service provider expects billion dollars of subsidies", said little Amoy plans to recruit catering service provider partners in the 20 national city, the pre subsidy billion yuan, accelerate the popularization of Amoy little business around the takeaway, order business in.

also has a product on the road, a public comment to follow the taxi didi two-way subsidies push mobile payment. Said public comment will follow the didi taxi launched the "sister grab", give bonus for the first pick of consumers under the orders to the restaurant waiter, after full points will be in the form of prepaid recharge subsidies to the restaurant waiter, on the other hand must be continued to consumer subsidies, orders.

sounds very beautiful, also, consumers are willing to restaurant affordable money, "golden master" has its own wishful thinking, to spend money to buy users, to develop user habits, values, a win-win situation of music, seems to be to the satisfaction of all


actually not. We look at the reaction of the three party, and finally from the perspective of the industry to analyze the risk of such behavior.

take my taxi yesterday, encountered a typical driver in Beijing, just a few minutes, asked him not to use a taxi software, he said ah, Didi taxi, fast taxi are used, I asked for his answer please, let me by surprise, I feel it is necessary for the person in charge of he’s here to spend huge sums of money to the taxi driver, the company’s consumer subsidies to convey what they feel:

the Yanqing driver is very talkative, he started to love with the taxi software, because it can reduce run rate, and increase revenue, Why not?, but he gradually found that there are a lot of drivers resulting in rejection, security risks grab one of the more surprised me is that a view he put forward is, these giants have the money, now we use subsidies, etc. He subsidies canceled, we immediately uninstall this software, I asked them why? Because these big money, don’t respect people, always take the money for something, well, you have money subsidies to I, I, you do not have the money subsidies to me, why do I use? Do you think you have great? Although we are taxi drivers, earn money without you, but we earn every money Very practical! We resent this pure money that the company


this is a taxi driver in the real state of mind, but also reflects the giant money market subsidies, just starting from the Internet Co’s own point of view, does not take into account is not really use feeling, short-term money market subsidies spread faster, but once the cancellation of subsidies, will also have a big market? The taxi driver is red the subsidies to the real power of the software should never, is able to reduce his load rate, increase his business income, so that drivers can feel this money in the short term with you at ease, this non normal way on the surface of the rapid expansion of the market, but the negative effect is not be underestimated!

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