Micro-blog marketing kernel set user interest map

At present,

from micro-blog development point of view, the difficulty is micro-blog marketing want to expand to a certain user base to rely on, however, micro-blog users binding on social relations is not to have 700 million users of QQ. No longer tangled social relations, micro-blog marketing can be of interest to the user to establish a user interest map, focusing on the relationship between the user and the interest rather than the reality of social relations. Marketing and one-way promotion is different to the user’s feelings as the center, you release the information users like to complete the premise of marketing.

information to focus and professional


information involves people can choose their Everything is contained therein., interested in the information concerned. If you do is fashion shoes, then micro-blog marketing point should be stylish urban white-collar workers as the mainstream, what is the price of your shoes and the corresponding income, what these people think, be interested in what nature have the answer. The release of information to be more focused, and now micro-blog has a lot of such channels, do a good audience has been over a million. We can use for reference. Every day a large number of updates broadcast, the picture is more convincing than the text here. Which picture, you’ll need to carefully collecting. Carefully for a more professional, to share the global trend of the first line of information, analysis of trends, with experience, we must be aware of the point is that your users do need such information.

information to enrich

released micro-blog information in addition to focus, but also to be rich, rich refers to the relevance of information. Observe some of the more popular with the audience micro-blog, in addition to the special release of information, but also involves a number of other relevant information. Fashion beauty shoes do like you can add some clothing, bags, street, and fashion blockbusters like, but just insert appropriately, adjusting the users taste, rich content more easily attract the attention of the user. This will make it easier for your promotion.

actively respond to user

must pay attention to is that only the media is rational, rational is difficult to generate interest and thus the desire to buy, many of the time consumption must be in the emotional state of the. The user must attract enough emotional, and you do not play what user jargon, that will only cause the user antipathy. Can also be appropriate to send some private small pockets, must be humane, emotional, like between human and human dialogue. Once the user has an interest in your message, comment on your radio, be sure to respond in a timely manner. Through the interest, so that we can sort out our users, the focus of their analysis.

no matter what kind of site promotion, are based on a specific crowd, not related to the crowd to listen to your information on the significance of marketing is not large. Micro-blog marketing, is as far as possible the use of micro-blog platform for us to achieve the purpose of marketing promotion. For entities to sell the business, the information itself is particularly important, the more refined the information you release, the resulting consumer

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