Explosion! Fake and shoddy goods micro shop about 9000000

news June 3rd, micro shop’s pocket shopping today announced that the monthly number 2 as the company’s "fake announcement", published on a regular basis to the public and the media micro shop against the legitimate interests of consumers business results. As of June 1st, micro shop handled a total of 9998750 suspected counterfeit goods, accounting for about 0.9% of the total number of goods.

it is understood, according to the micro shop management, network security team micro shop mainly through the way of screening active shielding, delete, take warning, freezing orders, forced refunds, delete goods, frozen or closed shop fake punishment measures:

1, the use of keywords shielding fake

micro shop and the establishment of a public opinion monitoring system and the corresponding goods, will be collected on the fake keywords, such as "high imitation", "a" and "one to one" were collated, to contain these keywords goods to shield. Currently has been mined and shielding fake commodities 2851008.


2, the use of price means to shield fake

micro shop after research and analysis, summed up the online brand products reasonable price range, for the commodity beyond or below the range of information as the suspect object, such goods will be given shielding. According billion state power network understanding, micro shop mining and screen a total of 7117742 pieces of suspected fake commodities.


3, the user to report fake and deal with

micro shop according to user complaints, and find the appropriate evidence, the day of the sale of goods for processing, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. As of June 1st, the micro shop has been forced to refund 30000 counterfeit goods suspected of goods, frozen goods, frozen or closed shop for consumers to recover the economic losses of $about 3000000.

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