My music website promotion experience

is now a music website. How to promote the music station? I think about this problem for a long time. And is a DJ station! Now I’ll talk about my DJ station promotion method.

QQ group website promotion method. With dozens of QQ, each QQ to join a group of decades, the premise is to join the QQ corresponding to the group, I joined the music group! Join group don’t have to give your site a few days later, an on-line, all good, there is no good DJ recommend? And then people will come out of the answer, and then you will answer your audition website you have been recommended! Of course, language expression is he needed to think.

Internet cafe promotion website promotion method. Go to the Internet bar will find music stand to listen to, how in the Internet promotion? Premise to you familiar with the boss or supervisor, I am familiar with a net cafe supervisor, he gave me a website to add to the IE connection, I brought a lot of benefits.

video chat website promotion. Especially like 9158 (I’m not advertising it). Those places are mainly sings! These are my personal promotion methods, first said, I also do not have what good promotion methods. Most are from other master experience!! if you have time to listen to the little brother DJ station DJ is also good Oh! Welcome kazakhstan.

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