The enterprise website promotion combat (two)head writing area

enterprise website above SEO actual diary (a) pre analysis ( Aid=200434) mentioned: to help buddy optimize its corporate website, make the analysis on its original site and competitors after finishing a set of solutions, the first is the original site to redo the overthrow of a pressing matter of the moment.

news: a search engine optimization scheme is proposed to just two weeks, coincides with the Google do PR update today, buddy sites on the right outside the chain under the action of RP is up to 1, while PR just floating clouds, but for him the novice webmaster, really let him happy again.

site to start construction before, I did not design the interface, but with the SEO search engine optimization program on the site of the framework of the finishing, the following ideas:

: title, 30-40 concentration within a Chinese characters, the content of the web site is described by semantic, completely avoid the key word, according to the primary and secondary embedded company name and "Kunming shelves" "Yunnan shelves" "shelf company" "shelf factory" and "shelf net of the main keywords and combinations of words.

two: keywords, in addition to "Kunming shelf" and "Yunnan shelf" 2 key words, the rest of the key products are listed separately.

three: Description Description to include the main key word in title, increase the site keyword density, while adding a written title is not described in the part.


keyword is embedded in some places slightly stiff, but sometimes it is difficult to have both fish and bear’s paw…

head written as follows:


Kunming – Yunnan shelf shelf company preferred brand network | founded by Kunming Shuangyuan shelves manufacturers professional shelf sales site! Reasonable price, ten years quality assurance


explained: we know that the first weighting is the highest in the title District, I put the highest value of the "Kunming shelf", and then "Yunnan shelf". Secondly, from the industry keywords search frequency, shelf companies, shelf manufacturers, shelf prices and other keywords search frequency is very high, because the hard embedded in this life.

now has a combination of keywords:

(Yunnan / Kunming) + (shelf) + (company / factory / manufacturer / price / sales / Web / website /)

and other combinations.

"fair, ten years quality guarantee!" these basic meaningless word in the end, when the right to increase the readability of the use, also a clever combination of a "professional shelf" which has a certain commercial value of keywords.


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