Business Ren Zhengfei’s Pastoral dream or an inspired passage

recently, some traditional field names seems to be interested in the net, such as China two Godfather entrepreneur Zhang Ruimin and Ren Zhengfei have said its net mentality. Zhang Ruimin more bluntly, the traditional manufacturing industry or catenary or wait for death. While Ren Zhengfei in HUAWEI terminal internal speech repeatedly mentioned electricity supplier strategy, it seems to convey a message to the industry, HUAWEI to enter the electricity supplier. However, in the Jingdong, Tmall, Taobao and other electricity providers all-powerful today, although the traditional manufacturing industry scale, resource advantage is obvious, but once overwhelming from inception to today out of the scale of business pattern, and who did not want to do, in any field, can survive and live well. Forever is the three principle, this point in the field of home appliances Haier and HUAWEI in the field of communication I want to have deep feelings.

, of course, a business how to go, how to change, the right to decide in its leaders, especially leaders think they have the conditions, have the advantage to do these changes. At the same time, when these new changes are global trends, we should spare no effort to do, which seems to be a successful CEO have any consensus.

yes, I also describe the advantage of HUAWEI in many articles, with offices in more than and 140 countries around the world, their business has a very strong global distribution channels, and hundreds of T cooperation and their own business needs and so on, all these seem to explain a problem, HUAWEI do business logical, be nothing difficult. Even in the global telecommunications industry ushered in the ceiling, all enterprises are looking for the transformation of the way, all these seem to Ren Zhengfei’s speech paved the way, a lot of people inside HUAWEI also to "bold ideas" to his boss and impressed by the wisdom of the mind.

because Ren Zhengfei seems to give his employees that we used to sell telecommunications equipment operators, selling mobile phone, we can now sell their beef, fruit and wine, no matter who they are, they have to eat meat and drink


but really so logical


recently, a large domestic boss told me that the success of an enterprise in the past can often become your enemy forward. Especially in today’s high-tech field, change with each passing day, any experience with the past success of the new things are likely to make their own very miserable.

The grand blueprint for the

I do not want to use this to fight Ren Zhengfei (of course also have the ability to strike), just want to show a sense, those of their past success most probably it did not actually happen to magnify, put yourself in a field of the success of the most probably it did not actually happen to transplant to another field is not easy, especially in the long span the field.

if Ren Zhengfei’s theory was established, then there are hundreds of large enterprises than HUAWEI, these enterprises in accordance with this idea, it is almost anything to do. KFC, for example, can sell more, why is it just a fast food?

and go back to HUAWEI’s three existing businesses, telecom equipment