Quanjude Alex Hua Tian hand hungry, a hundred years old to enter the online takeaway

recently, the time-honored catering management of famous enterprises Jude Alex Hua Tian holding limited formal cooperation with hungry, the holding of hongbinlou, casserole habitat, barbecue season, barbecue Wan, Emei restaurant, Gokokuji snacks 12 brand officially launched hungry. The full capital of the time-honored, more than a hundred years of history, the barbecue Wan’s history can be traced back to the Qing emperor Kangxi twenty-five years (AD 1686), has been 329 years of history.



Alex Hua Tian Holdings Ltd currently has including hongbinlou, casserole habitat, Emei restaurant, Gokokuji snacks 12 time-honored brands, more than 100 business outlets, is committed to creating a "joint fleet of time-honored Chinese restaurant". Among them, Beijing hongbinlou enjoy the first floor of the reputation of halal food. Opened in Qianlong shaguoju restaurant, has been famous in Beijing 200 years. Gokokuji snack is a symbol of Beijing special snack shop, pea, and Steamed Rice Cakes with Sweet Stuffing, Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour San twist etc. Beijing snacks, eat off by the capital of love and the world friends praise.

Quanjude Alex Hua Tian

responsible person, the traditional catering industry and Internet integration is represent the general trend. Hungry in the field of network ordering shengengxizuo for many years, has a deep insight and foresight of the food service industry, the young consumers with the distinctive "modern food culture symbol"; Chinese Time-honored Brand Quanjude hope Alex Hua Tian’s fleet, the user can use the flow of more than 20 million hungry and visibility in the to improve the online takeaway sales at the same time, strengthen consumer awareness of traditional food and beverage brands.

it is understood that with the hungry public comment, such as a Internet Co Chinese home Jingdong in-depth cooperation in traffic levels, hongbinlou, Gokokuji snacks, Emei restaurant and other 12 brands of food sales will greatly limit the breakthrough in a store. The mobile terminal in the mobile phone consumer Jingdong home, public comment on the front page of APP, the use of "take out" service, mobile phone orders, also can wait for the time-honored dishes Zhian, pea, and Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour Douzhir (Fermented Soybean Milk) Beijing food delivery.

according to Analysys think tank report, catalysis in the mobile Internet, Chinese Internet takeaway food market showing explosive growth, the first quarter turnover of online takeaway orders up to 176 million, an increase of 340.8%, among them, hungry overall share proportion exceeded 40%, firmly occupy the market share in the first place. Before McDonald’s, KFC and other catering giant Yang Chung admission, after China join Chinese time-honored Quanjude etc., hungry into food and beverage brands competing sought after meat and potatoes.

about hungry

hungry is the biggest Chinese online meal ordering platform. As of June 2015, the company employs more than 7000 people, the service has been covering more than and 260 City, more than 20 million subscribers, joined the restaurant 20, on the orders of more than 2 million, more than 80% of the turnover from the mobile terminal. Hungry, you have access to financing

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