A worry about personal gains and losses and anxious entrepreneurs, often make these mistakes

this article from Entrepreneur.com, from the wealth of Chinese translation. In this paper, the main focus on how entrepreneurs should establish self-confidence, in fact, the core is: focus on the development of their own enterprises, pay attention to the development of employees, concerned about their own spiritual development:

to create a company and make it through the first 18 months, entrepreneurs have to avoid some of the mistakes often made by bad leaders:

1 suspects themselves and employees

true confidence comes from the trust of the team and yourself. Entrepreneurs should ensure that the recruitment process is long enough to find and retain the right talent, because talent is related to the success or failure of the company. Many employers now offer pre – employment leave, or hire employees based on the first project, and then provide a full – time job after determining that they are really suitable for the company.

offers interesting and secure work environment and generous welfare, profit sharing and new technology, let the staff know that you appreciate them, but also can help the staff to create the future of the company to more full of emotion.

if you find yourself starting to doubt yourself or your employees, immediately correct this wrong attitude, so as not to shake their confidence.

2 compromise on so-called priorities

in the entrepreneurial process, good employees is the key, but many entrepreneurs are too busy with the operation of the company, thus ignoring the life is very important to them other things. Create Company is their most concerned about things, but if you do not take the attitude of attention, and a special time to discharge, their relationship with friends and family will become weak in imperceptible.

the same applies to the hobby and "self care" time: entrepreneurs should not only work plan or project meetings, but also arrange meditation, exercise, reading and other pleasure time (if only spend hours browsing ESPN or other news website). Portland Clinic clinic (Portland Psychotherapy) found that personal hobbies than money can make a person happy. Engage in these hobbies, and take time to accompany friends and relatives, you can reduce stress, improve self-confidence.

3 refused to learn new skills

successful confident entrepreneurs must adapt to the current needs of the company. Although you may need a programmer or designer to modify the site, it may be beyond the budget, or they are engaged in other projects, can not get rid of the body. This situation requires confident entrepreneurs who are not afraid to learn new things, such as programming or graphic design. Websites such as Skillshare, Lynda, CodeAcademy, UniversalClass and Treehouse (or local community colleges) can help entrepreneurs learn new skills without having to spend a lot of money.

4 too much attention to external evaluation

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