U.S. black five online shopping is expected to break the record, but only 25% of the double 11

Adobe released the latest data show that the United States so far online shopping spending more than $1 billion, the final data may reach $1 billion 700 million – an increase of 22%.



technology news Beijing time on November 27th morning news, the latest data released by Adobe, online shopping spending Thanksgiving Day in the United States so far more than $1 billion, the final data may reach $1 billion 700 million, an increase of 22%.

Adobe tracks 4500 visits to retail sites, covering 80% of the country’s top 100 retailers online trading in. The company’s chief analyst Tamara (Tamara Gaffney) said: "we expect all day long will be an increase of 22%, more than 1 billion 700 million U.S. dollars, mainly benefited from" Star Wars "toy sales exceeded expectations, coupled with a significant increase in the amount of shopping email promotion (up 25%)."

at the same time, the real IBM data show that as of Thursday afternoon Pacific time at 3, the average American Thanksgiving shopping amount of each order is $142.55, $125.256 in 2014, $132 in 2013.

"black Friday" was seen by many as the beginning of the traditional shopping season in the United States, but many retail companies such as WAL-MART and Amazon have started selling. Adobe said that the average discount on Thanksgiving Day was 24%, with the increasing number of "black Friday" preferential release, this figure will rise.

IBM said that the day before Thanksgiving this year, the amount of online shopping in the United States grew by 35%, the average amount of each order increased by $9.10. Overall, U.S. e-commerce sales this year is expected to grow by 14%, so the growth rate of 35% has been high.

data on Wednesday and Thursday not only show that online shopping is becoming more and more popular, but also shows that the amount of U.S. consumer spending on online shopping is also increasing. This year’s Christmas shopping season is expected to reach $70 billion to $95 billion. (Ding Hong)

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