19 billion 100 million crazy business speculation traditional channels Jedi counterattack

with a parcel arrived at the destination, the electricity supplier with vigour and vitality "double 11" end of history. In the last week, 19 billion 100 million this figure continues to stimulate people’s brains, double 11 on Tmall, Alibaba, the pattern of China’s electricity supplier, the impact of the retail model has become a hot topic in the industry. But when we go back to the 10 day after that, we still have a lot of things to reflect on.

conjecture: how the traditional channel Jedi counterattack

in business relies on "double 11" to attract many consumers eyes at the same time, the traditional retail channels will not sit still.

16 this month, intime department store anniversary day sales reached 111 million 200 thousand yuan, up 35.4% last year. The same day, more than 20 people into the store. The 18 day, the 15 anniversary of the end of the Department, a record 543 million yuan of business records. This weekend, the upcoming anniversary of the new world department store, 60 hours non-stop activities will be open again. In the electricity supplier double 11 at the same time, department stores have also used their marketing tools to attract customers.

at the same time, the electricity supplier to see the tremendous power of the outbreak, the traditional channels have to cater to the trend, to build their own positions on the network. As of now, intime department stores, Parkson, spring group, new world department store have established its own electronic business platform, leading enterprises in Beijing department store Wangfujing department store business platform will be available this christmas.

compared to the electricity supplier, department store brand resources, the supply chain system and the composition of the members of the user is the biggest advantage of the traditional channels Jedi counterattack.

conjecture: retail mode gradually break the normal procedure of

although C2B this model has been shouting for a long time Ali, but really in the actual combat and was well known by the industry, but also thanks to the double 11". In the "double 11" before the original Tmall women brand Yin man began to try the "pre-sale system", namely in advance to show consumers more than 300 styles of "double 11" clothing, according to the demand and market reaction of consumers, and ultimately selected 180 styles of production, for "double 11" sales. This consumer demand driven supply and marketing model, is defined as "C2B". Inman brand general manager Fang Jianhua believes that the change of supply and demand of traditional retail sale does not match the problem, replace the agent view to consumer preferences, closer to consumer demand, businesses can avoid blind production, cost savings.

Alibaba group chief of staff Ceng Ming C2B will be defined as the future of the electricity supplier business model. According to the reporter, in the next Taobao double 12 promotion, C2B will be in the "small and beautiful" network on play than "double 11" more energy. In the eyes of many people in the industry, C2B era is coming.

but there are also some people think that, although C2B is not a myth, but it will not become the full row >

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