Open shop to sell what good, Taobao shop how to open shop how to find sources

news June 23rd, chairman of the board Ma in an Alibaba, said in an interview, 6/100000 or seven is now offline and online fake fake proportion, the proportion is as low as 1/860000, but due to the large amount of Internet transactions, such as trading in Taobao this year will be close to or even more than WAL-MART, although the proportion is so fake from low, but the absolute number of many.

Ma Yun said at the same time, the Alibaba of the online selling fake zero tolerance, a number of measures the effect is significant, but the fake remains to be completely destroyed.

May 15th, Ali was France’s many luxury goods group of the prosecution in the United States, was accused of selling fake luxury goods online platform, and for the counterfeiters in the world to sell its products to create a possibility. Previously, Taobao has been the State Administration for Industry and Commerce leaked nearly six become fake.

Ma Yun said that since 2010, Alibaba is the world’s strongest crackdown. Now there are more than 2000 full-time employees of the Alibaba responsible for the crackdown, another 2700 employees volunteered to participate in the crackdown. "We have today fake means, by using data mining methods, tracking technology, can be the most powerful in the world today."

according to reports, Alibaba is currently using the new data technology, not only can be traced to the seller, but also traced to fake manufacturing, while Alibaba with public security, quality supervision departments to form a coalition, joint crackdown, and seven days at any time return mechanism, selling situation is very good control.

Ma Yun pointed out that the online selling is all e-commerce companies have to face the challenges of the Alibaba, because of relatively large size, so a higher degree of concern. He said, the Alibaba was only 15 years old, the average age of employees is 28 years old, can be said that the Alibaba are trying to do something that has never been done, problems are normal, the company will actively seriously and deal with.

had met a girl who had just graduated from college, she told me that she was selling things are usually scattered to buy. Obviously this is not enough: one is the scattered purchase price is very high, count the profit margins, price sold to the customer is too high, can not attract customers; second is the channel is not stable, when the customer needs, it is difficult to find, affecting customer confidence in the shop; three is your love style and variety of customers not love, will cause some product backlog; four varieties and specifications is not complete, the product is too single, customers would choose other products more abundant, more complete varieties and specifications of businesses. Therefore, this business model can only be said to be holding the mentality to play, to experience the taste of the open network shop, but also to talk about the real shop owner!

network operators should contact the supplier and wholesaler, the formal purchase, but the reality is the wholesale price of scattered shipping providers are scanty like, which is often encountered embarrassment when shop contact suppliers. But this gives us a revelation, can be specifically for the shop, to meet the needs of the supply channels

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