The State Council issued a document to promote the development of rural electricity supplier million

General Office of the State Council on promoting

guidance to accelerate the development of rural e-commerce

issued 2015 No. 78

people’s governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, all ministries and commissions of the State Council, and all institutions directly under the State Council:

rural e-commerce is an important means to change the mode of agricultural development, is an important carrier of accurate poverty alleviation. Through public entrepreneurship, innovation, play the role of market mechanism, accelerate the development of rural e-commerce, combine and store electricity suppliers, the real economy and the Internet have synergistic effect, conducive to promoting consumption, expanding domestic demand, promote the upgrading of agriculture, rural development and farmers’ income. With the approval of the State Council, we hereby put forward the following opinions on accelerating the development of rural e-commerce:

first, the guiding ideology of

fully implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen and eighteen third, fourth, fifth plenary session, implement the decisions and arrangements of the State Council, in accordance with the goal of building a moderately prosperous society and the new industrialization, informatization, urbanization, agricultural modernization, deepening the rural circulation system reform, rural business model innovation, cultivate and strengthen the market main body of rural electronic business, strengthen infrastructure construction, improve policy environment, accelerate the development of the integration of online and offline, full coverage, comprehensive, safe and efficient, convenient and affordable modern rural commodity circulation and service network.

two, development goals

to 2020, initially built a unified open, competitive and orderly, honest and law-abiding, safe and reliable, green rural e-commerce market system, integration of e-commerce in rural areas and rural 123 industry in depth, promote entrepreneurship and employment of farmers, the rural consumer market, drive has made remarkable achievements in rural poverty alleviation and development etc..

three, key tasks

(1) actively cultivate the main body of rural e-commerce market. Give full play to the existing market resources and the third party platform, cultivate diversified rural e-commerce market, encourage electricity, logistics, trade, finance, marketing, postal and courier and other kinds of social resources to strengthen cooperation, build rural shopping network platform, docking and integration advantages of resources, to participate in the development of rural e-commerce.

Application of

(two) to expand e-commerce in agriculture and rural areas. In agricultural production, processing, circulation and other links, strengthen the application and promotion of Internet technology. Expand agricultural products, folk products, rural tourism and other markets, in promoting industrial products, agricultural production materials to the countryside at the same time, to expand the agricultural city to expand the space. Strengthen the use of electronic commerce big data to guide agricultural production, promote agricultural development mode change.

(three) to improve the development of rural e-commerce environment. Hard environment, strengthen the construction of rural circulation infrastructure, improve the broadband penetration in rural areas, strengthen the construction of rural roads, improve the distribution capacity of rural logistics; soft environment, strengthen policy support, strengthen personnel training, to create a good market environment.

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