Ali entered the bank logistics e-commerce website outlet is vertical

The BTB site of the big brother

, Alibaba in China e-commerce website toubajiaoyi. More than and 10 years of development, Alibaba has accumulated sufficient manpower, material resources, markets, channels, customers and other resources. Alibaba has entered the financial, logistics industry, and today’s e-commerce site seems to only have a vertical development will have a way out.

In fact, as early as

began very early Alibaba to the financial industry forward one foot, from Alipay to a series of online financing cooperation with the industrial and commercial bank to self-employed small loan companies, and then to the brewing in the commercial bank, can be described as logical and natural. We can think of Alipay bank and Alibaba, when your money in the Alipay platform, is put in the bank deposit interest, the bank has the right to deposit as the investment bank’s reputation, and Alipay can hide more trust, further deep into the heart, profound influence.

said again in 2011, the Alibaba to enter the high-profile logistics, logistics industry, to spend billions to build the country’s logistics system, and Ma Yun heroic utterance "ten years later, in any one place China, as long as people in the online orders, up to 8 hours, the goods can be sent home." As users, of course, we welcome, and even hope to achieve as soon as possible. When the Alibaba in e-commerce, logistics, banking integration, then Alibaba is no longer a website, but a business empire.

is a Alibaba successful precedent, and a large number of small and medium-sized e-commerce sites but why can only do the vertical development? We can see Ali’s ideas: beyond the constraints in the system environment, the commercial culture and infrastructure and other aspects of the land market, another highly open business, a very low threshold the online market. As a market, from the transaction to the logistics and development, from the quality of goods and personal goodwill to the brand from the payment and settlement of loans and bill financing, there is a evolution not strange; in every line, every link of evolution, Alibaba as the whole market mechanism of operators, should be created the conditions for, but also get their chance. But in China, such as Alibaba can have enough resources and funds to establish a financial, logistics system can have a few?.


can not be modeled in a wide range of coverage Ali, the integrated e-commerce website to achieve the ultimate, the small and medium-sized BTB site can only be developed to the vertical class BTB website, do the top of a particular industry. Before this, Alibaba also there have been a lot of industry development, Alibaba’s sub station platform, and HC have, the world factory has also developed a world factory network, Building Materials world valve network ten sub station, a large number of other industry electronic commerce website not much, many are walking in the the BTB website industry forefront, some of them up in a vertical e-commerce website breakthrough, some are eliminated. Vertical web sites in China can generally be divided into 20 categories, and in these sites, most of the sites are