Never mind selling genuine British cross-border electricity supplier to do what

[Abstract] don’t sell a cross-border electricity supplier you seen? Don’t say you are genuine business platform really? Find treasure is such a cross-border electricity supplier. The company was founded in London by a girl in the 1980s, the main push of the unique fashion goods, the use of big data to guide overseas brands into the highly competitive Chinese market, and has been supported by the British government and Palpay. Then, find the treasure is what kind of a cross-border electricity supplier, and

have what magic?

"with thought and culture through the electricity supplier, provide service and technical support for suppliers and consumers, to promote the Western trust and business scale development in the green system, to create a transparent world. This is our mission." Find the treasure of co-founder and CEO Lin Yan (Jacqueline J.Lam) says.


for Haibao co-founder and CEO Lin Yan (Jacqueline J.Lam)

graduate and proficient in the management of large data consumption Lin Yan, the business and entrepreneurship can not stop the brain hole. Did the telephone marketing, catering, retail, and experienced two entrepreneurial she fought in saw between Chinese market and overseas brands and then find the idea of Haibao root in Lin Yan in the brain.

for Haibao is London born overseas interest to the cross-border electricity supplier, to Chinese consumer personality fashion and real western aesthetics. Find the treasure does not have stock, using a single platform + brands direct mail mode, support 7 days no reason to return. Transaction process does not charge fees to the user, a number of goods also provides an automatic refund service.

at present, the core team to find treasure there are 13 people in London and Shanghai office. Headquartered in London, is mainly responsible for sourcing and brand cooperation, big data team, marketing team and customer service is located in Shanghai. In addition, Shanghai branch also has a return warehouse, you can return the goods shipped back to Europe and the United States in the hands of the brand.

a love story cross-border electricity supplier

According to

billion state power network to understand, many overseas big names are through various channels into the China market, consumers have China can easily have these famous classical styles. But seek not the "Haibao entrees explosion". Lin Yan told billion state power network, these classical styles we are selling, and the fake doping. And find treasure is the main push products that have the characteristics of the avant-garde novel, these products are often very difficult to buy in China.

however, avant-garde and stylish, it must be Chinese consumers love you? Want to let people buy it, it must be on their aesthetic zhigenzhidi. Lin Yan told billion state power network, find the treasure there are three ways to understand the aesthetic preferences of consumers Chinese:

first, find treasure and some have overseas life experience and have a shadow in China >