Gome electricity supplier platform mutual fight change integration

newspaper news (reporter Liu Xinyu) "Gome online mall", "two Kuba", the United States Department of business platform will be from the competition between each stroke "into" integration". Yesterday, in the face of competition Suning rivals such as the electricity supplier in the field of force, the United States finally clear their electricity supplier in the field of strategic direction, officially announced the integration of its Gome online mall and Kuba two electronic business platform, background unified management and resource sharing. After integration, Gome online will be located in the B2C oriented business cross category comprehensive shopping websites, and the transformation of Kuba open platform similar to Taobao Tmall. Analysts pointed out that, after experiencing the development of dual brands, the United States chose this time to integrate the two major electricity supplier platform, the purpose is to achieve profitability of the electronic business platform.


said yesterday, after the two major electricity supplier platform integration, Gome online mall will be officially renamed "Gome online", this will be the main position of the United States online and offline integration, bearing the United States implemented the electricity supplier strategic mission.

and the acquisition of the brand will be relying on the United States Kuba online background, development of independent brands, independent websites, independent operation mode focus on comprehensive electricity supplier platform.

Gome eager to seek electricity supplier profit

"the fastest in January next year, to achieve the two sites using a membership account login, membership can search online merchandise Kuba online in the United States, two goods on the site can be added to a shopping cart convenient to pay." Former president of the United States online Han Depeng said.

Wang Junzhou, President of the United States, said

, will be different from the current construction of non profitable electricity supplier model to reduce duplication of investment, adjust the development strategy in line with the future of the group’s future.

(source: Ocean network – Guangzhou daily)