Adsense on the shop agent some tips

we run the shop, before the good service, to find a good product is the premise of all the start, the key lies in. Because buyers are always the first to see the product, like the product, is the feeling of service. So, today I want to talk about the main agent of those things. I hope you can see it, the following is the key to say……

yesterday with a friend to talk to find a good proxy for the supply problem, friends shop although it is diamond, but feel very confused, the business agent of the product is very depressed, too, because the store flow, there are guests love products, also hard to upload each product, daily care and maintenance shop…… However, buyers love consulted to deal the last truly into the transaction is only about 50% ~ agent manufacturers frequently out of stock, let her tears.

because now the agent of the people will never believe in a minority, more people want to know the things that their agents and past experience in learning to sum up, try to also exist such problems of friends and friends plan to do the reminder, and avoid detours, reduce factors and the adverse potential risk, strive for more time and energy to the operation of the shop, promotion and other more need to do. Whether it is their direct wholesale or do agents, I think we must be responsible for the buyer, but also to their own responsibility in order to long-term. The following is the relevant agency personal summary of the need to do some things, if there is a need to supplement or find a need to correct place, please kantie friends, I thank you in advance, also hope that everyone Business Flourishes, happy


a, product positioning is the prerequisite and key

has the accurate positioning, can be more targeted to find suitable manufacturers, should not blindly follow the trend, people do what I have to do what! A big problem but it is also a key new product positioning is the seller, remember when I was on the three position, should be used:

a, determine the industry, as far as possible to choose their own familiar and interested in the industry

B, select products, understand the market, do a simple market research, determine the target

C, a key: to know the current target is still three minutes, prompted by a sudden impulse heat? Look at their choice of product 1~2

hesitated to do other products ~ still remained 200% of the heat, if it is the latter, then congratulations to you, go for it! If it is the former, first weigh down, to see if there is no more appropriate oh baby is omnipresent, the total universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, suitable! < / p>

two, manufacturers search multi-channel is not a single product and agent cooperation in all aspects of the control

Alibaba Taobao?? yes, we all know this, there is no thought directly using a plurality of search tools products and product related information, you can get more information of manufacturers Oh, while using the Alibaba or Taobao as a platform and control products of different manufacturers >

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