A push CEO Fang Yi three venture N pit


in my opinion, the serial entrepreneur is brave, they have eternal dream, persistence and execution. From the student entrepreneurial model to service users to achieve 550 million of the push CEO Fang Yi is one example. In the 36 Kr + entrepreneurial knowledge sinks under the line, Fang Yi is the first venture for most audience reviews skip own 8 years, 3 times the N venture in the pit.

‘s first venture – hardware "


first venture, Fang Yi do is a hardware product – a call to prepare the charger, the phone can be charged automatically when the phone address book on the charger. Because of this product he had a lot of TV shows, when Robin Li took him to CCTV. Recently, we are doing hardware, especially in the mobile phone hardware related products, but Fang Yi’s experience seems to pour cold water". Fang Yi of the hardware to do 6 years after he was sold to Baidu, this time he shared a few hardware entrepreneurs sentiment:

first, the education market: market demand and real users to buy is not a concept: 05 years of mobile phone market is NOKIA Symbian mobile phone has just launched the front camera, mobile phone switching, a large number of communications recorded backup is very troublesome, and the preparation for the emergence of the consumer can plug charging can be mail list backup. But Fang Yi found in after the launch of the product, demand and users will run to buy, the demand is different, the students understand this need to do hardware.


secondly, innovative products in the search for leading users, risk management and easy to fall out of the pit. When Fang Yi thought makes preparation to become mobile phone manufacturers standard. And Fang Yi Ran to Ningbo and cell phone fighter waveguide (about 20000000 a year sales) to talk about cooperation, he still remember. The person in charge said, after you finish this thing, a variety of chips to get through, we are equipped with each waveguide, to give you a license fee of $one or two." This moment let him feel overnight. But in fact, how to make leading users (buyers) is particularly difficult to use. For example, TCL later when the preparation of hope and cooperation, have hardware have been a national 3C certification, CE certification, but the enterprise will ask for the little hardware high voltage 8000 volts — because the enterprise standard is the enterprise standard. And because of this, things consume 3 to 5 months, the opportunity is gone (timing is critical).

third, scale and iteration problems. After Fang Yi venture ready to understand, the scale of hardware and iteration is difficult. That year, the phone is constantly changing, although the preparation of the Chinese mobile phone to achieve the compatibility rate of 70%, compatible with a variety of mobile phones, but when the two phones get together to switch data in the past, 0.7*0.7=0.4>,

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