Rookie final exposure Or the last mile distribution outsourcing

news June 30th, the day before, the logistics industry veteran to billion state power network broke the news that the Alibaba is planning a rookie last mile distribution solutions, and the recent development of a similar type to grab a single taxi drops software "wrapped", once the product is put into use, will have a huge impact on the existing distribution. Our structure and business, there may even let the courier thoroughly with the courier company "say goodbye".

"rookie from the layout point of view, the last mile distribution link is the largest express company is fat, all fighting the most inspiring road." The source said that the Alibaba hopes to use the "wrapped" rookie of the ruling class products, firmly in control of all goods last mile run, on the one hand to ensure the logistics aging, a move of the express industry innovation, from the bottom of the electricity supplier logistics outflanks.

national postal data show that the number of courier packages generated every day in China between about 45 million to 50 million, is expected in the next five years, this figure will become a daily single two hundred million.

in this regard, BES Huitong general manager Zhou Jianceng pointed out that the future will change the existing express enterprise storage mode, warehouse delivery, from consumers closer. Transit mode to rely more on the use of big data, the end of the link will also show a variety of rich and innovative, such as the local community life services and other value-added services.

will attend the O2O summit of the billion state power network all express CEO Xie Qin had published a similar view. He said that the point of view of the city need to display the transport of human tactics, but no one can afford to raise a large number of people to do a little bit of service, which directly led to the increase in operating costs. Crowdsourcing is a very good way to solve the problem of point distribution.

it is understood that in the trunk logistics, there have been many companies began to plan, do highway segment drops taxi in order to reform. Crowdsourcing logistics is becoming the direction of logistics industry in the future.

it broke the news person, "wrapped" mode is like a taxi drops, the Alibaba system of all orders and delivery information will be visualized after the courier registration, can grab one according to the geographical location and route, finally completed from rookie to client distribution of each sub station. The most likely scenario is that, through the analysis of large data Alibaba, according to a certain line of spending power is strong, but there is a vacancy in the air force, will be the first to notice the possibility of carrying this single business shop and courier.

and some of the existing crowdsourcing logistics operation mode is very similar, but there are two obvious differences." A courier company in Hangzhou responsible person pointed out, first, all orders parcel wrapped in the Alibaba "rookie warehouse system, rather than scattered in the hands of merchants; second orders, delivery staff oriented social professional courier, rather than idle social labor.

this also means that the wrap must get third party logistics courier service providers to support the courier can be >

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