The number of Jiangmen network electricity providers fast growth 2000 times for 4 years

Ma Yun said a word: the meaning of the world of the game is to make money, rather than wasting time on the internet. This is a generation of Internet mission. E-commerce is precisely such a tool, a channel. Since 2007, the country has seen the industry website, online trading platform for e-commerce, more and more individuals and enterprises to bring great value.

Jiangmen is not out of this background, but follow the tide. Held in May 26th this year, "Jiangmen network · hand in hand; small business achievements dream" conference revealed that Jiangmen "net increase of 2000 times 4 years from 2007, has only more than and 10 roots" upgraded to "network" poor situation, to now formed more than twenty thousand network to "make a living online Qi" spectacular scenes.

yes, this is a new marketing mode of Internet technology brings the incomparable superiority, for an individual, as long as you like, there is time, not much money to spend, you can do business online, do business. "Easy link"; in the small and medium enterprises, a convenient channel for every year to invest a few thousand dollars to get a website a set of product promotion, procurement and sales, wait for mobile phone rings, a business. But the reporter also found that the attitude decides everything, some merchants are really popular channel network platform, business is done fast, some merchants are registered in soon after the loss of enthusiasm, no care, respect the general effect as.

1 development speed

rapid growth of the basic coverage of the industry

industry said that over the past four or five years, with the development of information technology, the rapid development of electronic commerce in Jiangmen, the number of network operators is the trend of proliferation, basically covering the main Jiangmen industry, network marketing is the explosive growth in Jiangmen.

concern is that this particular channel won the popular young group, has created a number of representative of "small business", this group of people to join the network marketing and successful experience, is the electronic commerce must be great. The media reported, May 26th, Jiangmen, Yangjiang two city 400 "network business" in which the youngest network is only 14 years old. The net is called "worms · dropout" network ", at the age of 10 he was hooked on online games, Internet bar every day, a few school. A year ago, he opened an online store on the Internet, with a picture of the goods, someone online ordering, they will go to Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Shunde, through the cousin to take goods, and then through the logistics delivery, earned a sum of money.

but there are some voices in that child, learning is to learn to do business, do not know how long can? In this regard, a person engaged in the logistics business is not to regard it as right he said, do business, but also to learn how to say, than he was playing computer games at home.

compared to open shop to make money, small and medium enterprises to make full use of network channels to carry out marketing. According to statistics, to the beginning of the year, Jiangmen large and medium-sized enterprises in the application of e-commerce

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