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Author: Wang Guanxiong


of the Great Patriotic War, the liberation war began to express.

this is a piece of double eleven after the end of the. Like all the "joke" hidden facts, it really is not just a joke! This is the logistics, logistics is the long troubled Alibaba empire’s Achilles heel, the Jingdong also fierce Ali really big kill bite.

however, the electricity supplier hutch, "distribution of the last mile" problem is still not solved thoroughly. The pain point means that the broad market opportunity, the dark horse Yung iunin communication and other emerging Internet communications are running low.

how to solve the distribution of the last mile? What is the application of Internet communication and scene? What? The highly popular "dark horse biography" column to simple 81, interested friends can see all series of articles.


] Ali logistics is the key to winning the

Jingdong hutch

with a double 11, the annual cat and dog war opened the curtain.

Before the

shares of the joint Alibaba Suning resorted to "Ping Jing battle"; and the Jingdong also decisive counterattack "to speed up, don’t walk". Because for a long time, Jingdong relying on the logistics system throughout the country and perfect, fast after-sales service process, to provide consumers with a high quality shopping experience.

just a few years ago, Jingdong for the first time exposed to the outside world on behalf of its strong logistics advantage of Asia one, to ensure the quality and confidence of Jingdong in terms of logistics and distribution advantages. Of course, the "Asian" is a representative of the real, during the double 11 nationwide to ensure that the first time the goods to consumers, is a Jingdong of warehousing and distribution of tens of thousands of front-line staff, and Jingdong home one hundred thousand Crowdsourcing logistics courier. It can be said that the efficient logistics and distribution has become a tool of double 11 Jingdong to protect the user experience, increase user stickiness to challenge Tmall. In the face of this grim situation, Ali also claimed that Tmall in Beijing not resigned to playing second fiddle, at all costs, how much money was spent.

at the same time, Tmall ads cover with colored sky in Beijing, one of three links courier tricycle, bus, subway advertising Qi battle. Tmall strong settled in the capital, at the entrance of the Jingdong erected a banner. But for Jingdong’s old base, I am afraid that Tmall is still difficult to shake. The main reason is the logistics distribution system of Jingdong, is beyond the reach of Tmall. In particular, the speed of the arrival of Jingdong logistics day, really make Tmall difficult to deal with.

over the past 10 years, China’s e-commerce is the golden age of 10 years. Ma Yun with Taobao and Tmall, Alipay firmly in control of the information flow, capital flow. Countless followers with huge sums of money to kill come in, but no one can pose a substantial threat to the scale of the Alibaba, because they did not re enact rules. Play according to the rules of others, there is no opportunity to bend over!

now seems

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