Network network music life landed in Shanxi reinforce the global supply chain system

October 26th, "network network · life settled in Houma, the launching ceremony held in Shanxi. Cloud Cang Shanxi international inland port free trade strategy of 250 thousand square meters, officially to the music as its network network open power network network · music life in the build quality of supply chain system in the world has taken a solid step on.

it is reported that this is the first landing project LETV holdings and Houma municipal government signed a cooperation framework agreement book. The future network network · live music with the Shanxi group, Houma municipal government plans to build the Midwest FMCG wholesale distribution center, deepen cooperation in cross-border bonded logistics center, the construction will become an international trading platform with industry advantage, policy advantage, geographical advantage, promoting regional economic development in the new mode Internet ecosystem.

LETV holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui Strategy Group Chairman Li Haixia, Linfen mayor Liu Yuqiang, Houma mayor Duan Huigang and other leaders attended the ceremony.


network network held opening ceremony in Shanxi free trade zone strategy


reporter was informed that the Shanxi free trade zone with the strategy of opening up to the cloud chamber music, network network has been part of a bulk import Wine in free trade zone landing strategy. In the future, as the music holding its import and export related business will be integrated into the city of Houma. At the same time, the strategy group and the Houma municipal government will provide convenient services as the holding and supporting industries and the network network tailored preferential policies, and vigorously promote the Internet Ecosystem located in Houma City, the music as "globalization" development strategy and local economic advantages of integration, export-oriented economic development by Houma city.

Li Rui said, "the music will play ecological advantages, based on the Internet and the link, to achieve cross industry value chain reconstruction under vertical integration, the formation of an open loop global sharing ecosystem. In the future, music as electronic consumer goods, entertainment and copyright products, electric vehicles and other products will be integrated into the city of Houma, led the rapid transformation and upgrading of the regional economy, and seek a new ecological economic territory."


Shanxi Free Trade Zone cloud strategy positions to fully open

network network

data show that the Shanxi plan is located in "one of the five Chinese logistics center" in Shanxi city of Houma Province, is located in the West and the North Node traffic line of national "The Belt and Road" strategy, is the nation’s largest inland port area with complex function. The center covers an area of 2500 acres, warehouse area of 250 thousand square meters, equipped with "customs territory" line port complete function, can meet the high standards of service as consumer goods global cross-border trade requirements.

according to the plan, network network will deepen the strategic cooperation with the Shanxi strategy, to further consolidate the foundation of construction of bonded logistics, bonded warehouse, strengthen the quality of global supply chain network, overweight build ecological POP platform service ability. As full

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