Handsome part-time online selling slippers monthly income of nearly million

graphic: treasure ID: Kang Hui fashion slippers square sex: male age: 23 Education: college job: assistant director before serving full-time seller: Taobao

location: Fujian, Quanzhou

shop name: Kang Hui fashion slippers square

Business scope:

BaoFeng, Bao brand slippers, fashion shoes


diagram: in 2005 when the first time I met Taobao, because at that time is to read high 2 so it did not go too much understanding, it may be because the short-sighted did not see the future development trend of e-commerce. But by the time of 2006, the first time in Taobao to buy a baby, personally experience the fun of online shopping, only to find online shopping convenience, fast, low price advantage. In 2006 to participate in the college entrance examination, most of the students don’t know what to choose in the confusion of the professional time, my heart would have a conclusion, I chose the professional e-commerce, because at the age of 2006 I found that e-commerce is the future trend of development, ten broad development prospects.

diagram: the first half of 2009 when the school let 3 students go to practice, for a long time did not find a job in Xiamen, finally found a manufacturer of slippers factory in his hometown after the person in charge of the strict interview, was hired as assistant director, also have almost positive wage 2K, relative to our classmates who I was so lucky. The assistant director after usually are doing a few things: and rarely live, feel unable to realize their own value, restless factor so the work a few months after I naturally began to perk up, but could not find a good project to do, had to restrain the restless factor activity insist on doing this job.

diagram: in March this year when my girlfriend said she was too busy working to see what good project to do part-time job, because my girlfriend is working in a foreign trade company, the financial crisis has also affected their company so the usual time is more idle. Suddenly one day she told me that she would set up shop in Taobao, I told her that! Otherwise, usually idle nothing to do, but what to do? I do not know what to do. Because at that time, my sister just bought a watch of Disney, she casually asked us to sell Disney’s watch well, unintentionally, listener. That night I was on the Internet to find a pile of information, after discussion with my girlfriend after she decided to sell Disney products, so we began to contact the manufacturers, after a period of time my efforts finally in April 7th was named DISNEY (Disney) online shopping mall has opened type. After the opening, I put the whole store management to my girlfriend management, I still continue to be my assistant factory manager.

diagram: in May of this year and the 1 factor restless alive, and active index is very high, one day I >

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