Why is micro-blog marketing network marketing changes

Micro-blog core

marketing and traditional marketing is different, the interpersonal communication information to replace the micro-blog website editor (Moderator) leading information dissemination. For enterprise version of the micro-blog client software, micro-blog solid experience for a few months, some experience. Micro-blog marketing is a new thing, the author also recently contact exploration, hope for social media marketing Shanhaiguan generous with your criticism.

1 backward portal advertising model

first said the portal website advertising marketing model. The ads and TV ads on the portal are very similar, are mandatory on the screen to the audience push advertising, the only difference is that the TV screen into a computer screen. From the point of view of marketing model, there is no change in the portal marketing.

but micro-blog marketing is a major change in network marketing. In fact, the change from the blog as the representative of the emergence of the Web2.0 has begun, but only wait until twitter, Facebook and other SNS sites, the change has emerged. The core of the change is: micro-blog SNS platform for users to choose freely enough, users can subscribe to the information source, information through the spread mainly through interpersonal, therefore the mandatory advertising push if not impossible, is certainly very unpopular.

I’ve seen a lot of micro-blog promotion novice (the number of fans is 0) a lot of advertising text in their own micro-blog, they don’t seem to know, there is no fan of the advertising. Of course, they may understand the subscription mechanism, but they do not want to spend energy to accumulate fans, and trying to do the so-called SEO shortcut (let micro-blog search engine caught). But how many people will believe in the ads that are not available to several fans?

The similarities and differences between

2 and blog marketing

is closer to portal advertising, micro-blog marketing and blog marketing. Micro-blog and blog have the same user subscription model, which determines the micro-blog marketing and blog marketing has great similarity. The main difference is: (1) micro-blog dapper reduces the user expression threshold, the user is willing to create more content, more willing to participate in reviews, forwarding; and (2) a post comments can also be forwarded; it makes micro-blog than a blog is more favorable for increasing the interpersonal interaction, but also to expand the information the spread of the surface, accelerating the speed of information dissemination.

The similarities and differences between

3 and

(BBS) marketing

there is no doubt that, compared with Web1.0 portal, BBS allows users to publish information is an improvement, but compared with Web2.0 blog, micro-blog, it is a backward human communication platform. Big blackboard BBS moderator is a big classroom, everyone to write some noisy things, and the audience had to watch. BBS in China, although there is a certain market, but micro-blog out, BBS decline is inevitable. A large energy BBS moderators spent in auditing. "

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