Taobao clean up the credibility of the opposition to the opposition to Ma Yun parcel


and network game industry "plug-in", "piracy", "hacking" and other illegal affiliated formats, the development of online shopping has also led to the "credibility of speculation". Compared to traditional transactions, the credit rating in the seller and the buyer often can not meet the value of online transactions are often higher. For this reason, some sellers trying to "shortcut" way to gain confidence, and at this section of "credit speculators" which. So a gray industrial chain formed and gradually grow. Faced with this situation, Taobao launched the "integrity checking system" in July 24th, some sellers "hard" to be "deprived" between the credit rating of the night, not willing to be deprived of the credibility of the seller "launched a Taobao" intense "struggle.

July 25th, Taobao’s first five crown shop lemon green tea encountered trouble.

lemon green tea all goods have been malicious auction, photographed without payment, resulting in the store all the shelves." Understand the matter after another Taobao seller told reporters, I think the green tea green paper turnover should be tens of millions of it."

is not only the "lemon Green Tea" and other large shops such as Taobao "xinla t penetration" also had similar malicious auction.

anti Taobao alliance revenge

There are no waves without wind., "lemon Green Tea" who suffered from Taobao in July 24th of a "credit speculation clean-up operations.

in the second generation of Taobao security audit monitoring system to run a month later, in July 24, 2009, Taobao launched the integrity self-examination system". Some sellers found that many transactions were convicted of alleged hype credibility. These sellers have to call Taobao customer service phone, questioned the reliability of its safety inspection system, Taobao customer service staff said the system checks the accuracy of false reputation is 99.99%. Some people will be released on the Internet, in July 25th with the customer service dialogue recording, a "network commerce" "anti Taobao union", the union part of radical members launched the "retaliation on".

There are two ways to revenge

, one is a malicious auction Taobao big seller of goods, photographed not payment, resulting in all the major sellers of goods in the store shelves. Bear the brunt of Taobao’s largest seller of lemon green tea". Another way of retaliation is malicious click Taobao charging project YAHOO train promotion, and with the trumpet ahead of the warning to promote the use of the seller, forcing it to close the YAHOO train promotion.

in the malicious auction, the anti Taobao union members tacit agreement to take the goods received goods address Hangzhou Taobao headquarters address, the recipient is written as ma.

Taobao integrity self-examination regardless of the price this "integrity and self-examination are most influenced by the so-called" credit speculators ", followed by spending a lot of money and energy.

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