Suning the next unsinkable Titanic

Titanic, in the maritime history of the world has been proudly known as the "unsinkable ship". Edward · Smith, the captain and the Titanic has rich experience in sailing, on her maiden voyage in April 14, 1912 and died in the Atlantic hit an iceberg, and 1503 crew and passengers.

2012 Su Ningzheng faces the same challenge. Do more than and 20 years of retail Zhang Jindong, the real challenges facing it has not let Suning how to avoid hitting an iceberg, but has hit an iceberg, how to let the ship forward, instead of waiting for the sinking.

how did the Titanic sink?

The Titanic

design, if 16 watertight compartments on board only 4 water, the ship can float on the water, but unfortunately the 5 bottom is tearing the iceberg, abandonment is an inevitable choice.

Chinese retailer Suning as the best, if online retail accounted for only 20% of all retail may have no effect, but unfortunately in the past year, Suning Appliance category at 3C, online accounting has quickly climbed from 7% to 17%, but also the acceleration of the development. The development of online and offline is also an inevitable choice to abandon. Suning is not how early warning, how to avoid the problem of the iceberg, but has hit an iceberg.

2012 Ma and Wang Jianlin bet on the next 10 years, online retail can account for half of the total retail sales. May include food and beverage services, may not be able to achieve, but just look at home appliances and 3C category, in the foreseeable 35 years will inevitably exceed the line on the inside, Suning simply no transformation window of time for 10 years. Otherwise, with the next line of the market has been eroded, and online can not beat the rival Jingdong mall, Suning will be like the Titanic sank forever.

of course, this is not only the fate of Suning, but all traditional retailers need to face the challenge.

Suning sharp turn

June 19, 2012, Suning shares 5 billion 500 million, held a press conference at its headquarters in Nanjing, a high-profile release of "2011-2020 new development strategy of ten years, President Zhang Jindong and executive team collective appearance, respectively. The expected goal from the chain store, performance, marketing, e-commerce and other aspects, and" left behind relentless ": in Suning 2020 will be the total number of stores 3500, the sales volume of 650 billion yuan (line 350 billion, line 300 billion) super service provider.

after a short period of six months, Suning why again adjusted long-term strategy will be injured in the sinews or bones, A thing has its cause. Because six months ago to develop the strategy is simply no way to complete. Do not consider online revenue for, the next line store Suning revenue in 2012 the first three quarters of negative growth of 1%, the annual net new stores also from more than and 300 into negative growth, the line has been shrinking is no longer possible.

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