How to make new sites have high weight from the beginning

three, website keywords and title.

set the theme, the next step is to determine the site keywords and title. The website main keywords is generally less than 3, with a few important again keywords; website title should be and contains all the keywords, the very nature of a word, but no more than 33 words, do not stack keywords. For example, 28 to push the title: 28 push BBS make the network marketing, network promotion easier.

domain name age is the older the better, if you have a 10 year old domain name, can play a multiplier effect; domain renewal period is longer, the best is five or six years, if not, get two or three years, now also forty or fifty basic domain renewal year; domain name suffix贵族宝贝,.Net,.Org are considered,.Cn, regardless of info or other strange names, if you want long-term development, the proposal must choose贵族宝贝, although the weight will not give you extra points, but now Chinese netizens still only know贵族宝贝.

Three, determine the theme of

any website is from the start of the new site, from site began to consider the good website the Shanghai dragon strategy of website development will play a multiplier effect. Here is the new Shanghai dragon strategy, how to make new sites have high weight from the beginning.

, a good space.

do not use other people have done that dumpster domain name, especially included also, but the snapshot update too slow domain name, my blog is a victim of the example, for fear of trouble for the record, so buy a friend of the domain name, not a month to release the inside page. In addition, doing illegal website domain name will not so before the registration or purchase the first love of Shanghai and Google search to see if there is no bad information.

space refers to the space access speed and stability and safety. Here it is proposed to use domestic space, even for trouble, as long as you want to make the site, the long run, it would not consider this trouble. Because of the love of Shanghai server is in domestic, so the domestic space for the love of spiders in Shanghai, the speed will be relatively faster. Stability is not say, do not covet cheap to use small space business space. Another consideration is safety, if the Trojans or viruses in the site, do not want to, K you stand is a must.

must be in the construction site planning before your site’s theme, audience and profitable way. In the future, the development of promotion site theme to determine, and once determined almost cannot be modified. The audience and earnings by site theme restricted way, but must want to know what sites rely on profit, what about when to profit, how much profit, otherwise no end, it is difficult to develop the website.

said here, some people think that the standard >

two, a good domain name.

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