The website articles published and the number of pseudo original, original analysis

we need to adjust the spider crawling time.

B. which made the best

, the original is not good. Love is what Shanghai needs for the benefit of the user original and pseudo original. >

many people say, as long as the fine, one or two to. Because the spiders crawl frequency will adjust itself, thus saving spider resources, put more resources to send high-quality website. So if the light of refinement, not quantity, will affect the grab and included in the course of time. On the contrary if the light quantity, not refinement, your page may be repeated too much, so as not to build the index, so the spider with a few times, might determine whether you are a low quality site. So the amount of fine and equally important to both. The amount is fine is included to grab incentive motivation. Update stable volume can increase the capture frequency, but does not guarantee the included, included on the fine. So how to judge this fine, someone may say that the original. But according to love Shanghai love Shanghai white paper, do not think the original is good, love Shanghai more owners hope to send content or pseudo original content to allow the user to more love, more beneficial to the user, such as an article, pseudo original add pictures, even with Excel image data analysis etc. also, or form a lot of relevant summary. Like this is obviously to improve the user experience of the operation, even if you are pseudo original will get very good included.

then we want to send a certain amount and content for the benefit of the user.

technology can query the spider every day to the time from the access log. If time is not what you want, you can guide the spider. For example, 9 in the morning began to send. 4 in the afternoon a lot of hair. Insist on a period of time to observe the log, adjust wait for spider, if it is found that the spider started at 10 and grabbed, that you made. In table excel, the spider crawling time daily record is used to adjust

A. how many days send a good

C. the original and pseudo original

is a factor. Because there is a spider to grab grab frequency, your amount is too small, the spider will regularly in order to save resources, or for a long time to grab one, if you in large quantity, and the update is very stable even time are unified, so the spider crawling frequency will you update. So what day multiple good amount is appropriate, my suggestion is that information website one day more than 10 articles, one day a corporate website, updated daily volume of other industries ranging from 1~10 tablets. May each industry are not the same, this data is only for reference.

? In

often hear or see a lot of friends have such a problem, the site of how long an update, an update how many articles it? The article is original, or false original good? Xiaobian to analyze, website articles published and the number of pseudo original, original analysis.

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