How to make a home page to show more keywords

first, we must know what is our most important keywords? What is the worst to do what customers will search keywords, keywords, knowing that we can go to the distribution of key words how to place.

is generally the most important words and the worst to do keyword can be analyzed from the peer’s website, I do Internet company, then I’ll take the keywords network company that Internet companies do not make sure key words followed by Harbin website design Harbin website, Harbin website production, this. The three is definitely the main keywords, optional title must have the three, but three of them may not be so placed position, we must make the keywords of the three best done in the first place the most difficult to do in the second, the general on the last one to do so, is to let the search engine rankings to us as soon as possible, bring traffic and confidence, the flow may also have the business, then we will be able to survive, confidence in the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix is very important, if we always do not go up certainly tired, is it, this is in order to better stick to it, then we will see a little fire keywords point, is the general words of the three main keywords of the company, such as the Harbin website construction company, so in the title of the site in a certain the company must have the words, I is the company’s full name or abbreviation with the company put up, I should be in Harbin the actual web design company, this title, these symbols can be separated from the basic. Say if you want to do the brand, not temporary keyword, then put the company in the first place, so that visitors can well enhance company image.

home page keywords can not use accumulation way to show, there must be level, I suggest the home put 16 words, or three words is enough, the rest of the key words on the site description, again put on the home page of the site, absolutely can not accumulate in the title part, that is the most unreasonable, not only do not get good rankings, will lead to the punishment of the search engine, let me talk about how to deal with these words.

then said is described, here I say keywords, keyword search engines are actually not very seriously, as long as we put the keywords listed on the line, but the description of the search engine is very seriously, especially the love of Shanghai, I often in the following chapter, many customers have to add some keywords it is not good for him to finish the words, the title will not change, as long as in the above, the general keywords can still sit in the description, we can put some slightly keywords or customers often search keywords, the keywords are of course home page, we again this you can also add Harbin website or company, Harbin network company, Harbin Harbin web design and web production, such words, let him Have fluent is good, it is not to do what is possible. May the number of words is not very good, I still.

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