Papi sauce tender 10 million to buy a first new media advertising s title really worthHundred flower

actually, starting an undertaking is not an easy job

network is a kind of red attention economy, the novelty is over, what are not, Papi sauce from known to investment in less than two months, fans sticky is not enough. Not to mention the Papi sauce and the logic of thinking is not the same, people mainly rely on the content.

Internet companies will win the bid? 10 million exaggerated,

three minutes of video, an hour ad,

"investment" in the world now also talked about entrepreneurship: "only focus, continuous, not blind expansion, but their advantage, can achieve real success. "


speaking of advertising bidding, you have to have the length, the time of the broadcast, and this information is still three words – no, definitely! Even Luo fat do not know,

, according to Luo Zhenyu, how long and when to broadcast is traditional advertising, and what they want to do is to put intelligence and imagination around uncertainty. And on the spot to everyone forget: "you only need to broadcast a five hours of advertising on it.". One video is 24 frames a second, multiplied by 60 seconds, and then multiplied by 60 minutes, and then by 5 hours, in each frame on a two-dimensional code, which is equivalent to 864000 advertising."

EMBA you know, from the first time I saw Papi sauce to tender issued by the news, Luo Zhenyu and Xu Xiaoping took only four days on the final! Luo Zhenyu also revealed that the current valuation of one hundred million Papi sauce, while logic thinking voted 12 million, accounting for 12% of the shares,


as early as the communication news release, admission ticket price is sold to 8000 yuan a, and a total of 10>

80 Internet network writer, columnist, garden media founder Xin Dongfang think, after many years of experience in the Internet will change in a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, business model, and the unknown in the field after. Therefore, in order to find a place in the Internet tide, the need for ordinary people do not have the thinking mode and business logic, in innovation and implementation must be much higher than ordinary people.

A recent article long gap with the Internet before 3 hundred million words

yesterday, Papi sauce tender finally have a message communication, the logic of thinking of Luo Zhenyu as Papi sauce investors, announced to be "the first China new media advertising auction", he also predicted that the new media first advertisement will sell at least 1000 million, also don’t know who is Papi sauce friends here

mobile Internet entrepreneurship, from 2012 to 2016 opening, the past four years, changes in business models and ways to make money slowly, gradually transferred to the mobile phone terminal huge traffic entrance. Mobile Internet impact on the traditional electricity supplier, Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon, No. 1 stores and other powerful Internet providers to seize the limelight.

the tender is not only to find that the "s", Luo Zhenyu said: "today in the communication market, we often need only one knowing their intention and attention to converge on a single point, and we should not only understand, to do more iterations and innovation."


so, what is the value of millions of the auction object? An issue any one week in May 21st this year after Monday’s advertisement only once, will be placed in Papi sauce 3 minutes after the program egg position, logic thinking and Papi sauce public account will then help push


in the current impetuous social situation, many people in order to blindly pursue their dreams, at any cost to exchange. Excessive pursuit, no steps to do, eventually being in front of the forces of heart hurt. There are steps to be taken, and processes to be taken, especially the greater ones, are essential to the process of entrepreneurship. In fact, in the long term history, any successful person has a common characteristic, is the layout of the early stage, and later really do, to talk about cooperation. So if you want to succeed, don’t immediately do things, but first experience, so as to find a really suitable problem, breakthrough point.

it looks to choose a pair of large enterprises, "everything good to discuss" feeling, but Mr. EMBA thought, watching 3 minutes Papi sauce video, and maybe an hour

in the old and new media exchange between the occasion, since the media blossom season, high-quality content, content entrepreneurship is still the focus of future development. No matter from the initial construction or long-term development, the continuous output of high-quality content, the commercial model of content realization is still popular, and this vitality is very strong. Therefore, the current trend of mobile Internet, personal or business is not the most important crazy expansion, but calm down to their own advantage, to a greater range of radiation, after training, in order to become bigger and stronger. Do one thing all your life. Be absorbed, practical, serious, persistent, and then things become.



in fact, most entrepreneurs have such a thinking model, the more simple things, the more it is worth thinking about, resulting in another industrial chain. From manufacturing to creation, it is not just a qualitative change, but a contest of innovation. See a lot of foreign technology companies, has been able to survive, not only skilled, but can continue to provide different advantages, and quickly occupied the market, from Matsushita, Samsung, millet, HUAWEI, is one such example.


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