But baby PR updated noble sentiment


why do we think that many PR most probably it did not actually happen? In fact, because we have to buy some links! In fact, buy links effect, not necessarily will soon be able to play a role, but there are many other factors. For example: the website template and the style is unique (unique)? Website content is updated in a timely manner? Whether the contents of the original site within the chain? Whether the design is reasonable and so on?. Of course, the real value of the purchase link, also has a great influence, some PR is indeed high, but outbound links too much, directly affect the output value of PR.

for the development of the site, I was such a thought: the first to buy high PR links, bring PR up, and then, with a higher PR for better high PR Links, and apply for the navigation website. So, perhaps by Links and to the navigation station, will be able to maintain PR. Then, buy low PR high weight link, the love of Shanghai weight up, slowly raise the weight of the website and traffic, PR high, weight up, with the flow of some, what all do. Of course, the content of the revised and updated website column design, all at the same time, and will take more proportion. However, when PR was up to 3 after a lot of things need to be reconsidered, especially on how to improve the PR, feeling really is not so simple. Especially the chain saw a lot more powerful PR site, there are only 5 of the time, more feel the need to look good, how to quickly improve the PR value of

2012 the day of the Lantern Festival, the festival party, noble baby PR update, and we do the first car modification site – modified network pr rose from 2 to 3, it is beyond my expectations, I think the minimum will be PR4, even that may rise to PR5 or pr6. However, the reality is cruel, PR3, means that we need to pay more effort and money to try to bring up the value of PR. Maybe we are too many things are most probably it did not actually happen now, when things go awry, you will think clearly.


this one, I feel the most suspicious is the problem of the uniqueness of the website, we are using the default template, mainly to the next revision convenient, so the problem is that the default template for noble baby trust is very low, may think that this is a garbage station or individual study site, so PR up slowly, also can understand. I had seen several PR l fast web site, the chain is not very strong, and feel there is no purchase link, but PR is directly from 0 to 5; I studied and found that web interface is to design the topic is relatively new, it seems to a new baby or noble website offering the confidence of the big

in Chinese do more painful is, not only need to consider the Shanghai love weight and flow, also want to consider the nobility baby view (PR), because PR is Chinese >

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