Stationmaster should have the more courage to refuse to delete content

this year who dare to say no garbage content on your site, in fact, high-quality sites rarely, unless some celebrity blog like Shanghai dragon, China Ping, ZAC, Robin such expert blog no spam content, are of high quality content. Spam general enterprise stand is more or less the amount of garbage, a difficult content is that when we published an article on their website does not know if it will be needed by the user. Unless you have a lot of data that you do support, is the content of the user’s needs, but this job is that you can not imagine. Another point is that the average small company of Shanghai Longfeng personnel as all the roles, if one does not understand, do not understand the product, do not understand the needs of the user, how can Shanghai Longfeng personnel write the user required content? Here to introduce the reason of the garbage generated content.


last year after June 28 the K search engine algorithm constantly upgrade, is actually around two aspects, one is content, the second is the chain. Especially the garbage strike, because the weight of the search engine links this slowly lowered its weight, the future judgment way links will become diversity, such as the common reference, such a common. Believe that the search engine will be more comprehensive reference to these, so the future of the spam blow should be placed in the first place. In fact, many people are not aware of their website spam idea, this is extremely dangerous. Many people regard as the original quality content, the original is not the original is very important, but more important is the content you need to bring value to the user.

website has the garbage content should do? Of course it is removed, now love Shanghai dead links submitted this entrance, we do not have to worry about. Don’t worry about adverse effects brought by deleting junk content, at least the impact is not so.

content for the website garbage harm, if a site has a large number of spam, then this site is difficult to have the rankings. Because you have lost the most essential things, a small amount of spam will also affect the overall quality of the site. Now I see that every day in order to update and update the webmaster, I was for him a pinch to sweat, the difficulty lies in the search engine spam identification and it needs a long time, so you are constantly updating spam to the site, the beginning is not affected, but one day the search engine identified, your website from right down is not far away.


has no value content and original no meaning, in the eyes of the user is as spam. So there is no definition of spam and create value for users of the original is also very important, the author also has this admittedly. A website with original content, indicating its ability to produce content, love is not Shanghai launched a spark plan to support the original content? So the real value of the content is original and create value for customers, this is the content of high quality.

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