The current search engine optimization in the station optimization exactly what to do

second, expand the site entrance flow through the promotion. The current search engine optimization and user experience of the website data is linked to the website data base from web traffic effectively, as a webmaster how we should increase the breadth of entrance flow is very important, the general circular soft writing, as far as possible exposure to what you want to promote the URL address, the forum issued a circular soft advertising secondly, their daily updated quality articles tell WeChat platform, circle of friends to share out, let the valuable things from the outside into the nature of the click, but not for a chain to crudely made a lot of garbage soft, invalid diffusion, this approach does not have any value.

first, a careful analysis of the source of your problems. We know that the search engine is one of the most basic algorithm is for the quality requirements, of course, the quality is not only from the website editor of the daily updates, some information site and user submission module, mining user power station with a sea algorithm updates the user’s point of view, show the quality pay attention to. Enhance the original website, increase the affection to the spider; increase the readability of the website, this is the key for your visitors, practical and interesting content, timely recommend reading, can let him stay at your site for longer periods of time, effectively reduce the website bounce rate, net weight lifting station.

third, and increase user confidence through continuous adjustment of user experience. The author has been the demand optimization of users, users need what I then managed to offer something. How to determine the user needs? The author is the general analysis of peers and competitors, especially large industry, such as you want to do this keyword to see people placed in what position people to do a website, or column page to do the special case, or through the pictures to do, these details layout is to enhance our users some experience can now sell operation.


in 2016 whether the enterprise station or information site began to focus on content optimization, the author found that when you read the 2016 web search optimization plate mainly talk about optimization, bounce rate, user experience optimization to the theme as the center to carry out this topic are then released by the user it is not difficult for us to find the current search engine optimization or to the station, what’s in the construction of the chain, cheating now the search sector almost disappeared. So, since it is so important to optimize the station as a webmaster, how to carry out the optimization work your

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fourth, the content of the website must be down to earth. The website is doing Shaanxi community exam learning and training, in addition to the contents of some community update based exam related, the author is very concerned about the current Shaanxi entrance examination information network, Xi’an personnel examination online, because their most concern is the registration information, enrollment information, review and so on, these professional when the content from >

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