How to make further optimization by trimming station

in addition to content, links also play an important role in the website ranking. The reasonable content, can promote the collection, to guide the user to click, of course, can also enhance the ranking. No or now many enterprise website recommendations do not in place, and either random or the latest article.

1, improve the quality of the content of

search engine, user behavior plays a more and more important role in the website ranking. How many users click on our website, the user clicks on what parts of the website, the user clicks on the website page number, the user enters the site from which pages, from which pages leave the site, how much is the proportion of users visit…… These data provide statistical tools, we have analyzed one by one, and then according to the website, make reasonable adjustments, let users more love our website.

in the chain is the needs of the user related to the performance of a page within the chain, we must pay attention to several problems: (1) in the chain is not really needed by the user; (2) the relevant recommendation has not ranked according to the importance of the user’s needs; (3) within the chain is not only manifested in the middle, and the bottom of the article the sidebar also should pay attention to. (4) combined with the recommended way, allowing users to have more choices.

With the continuous improvement of the

3, improve the user behavior of


in fact, there are a lot of website optimization work, far more than just writing the chain so simple, according to the site conditions, different stages to do different jobs, let website can play a better role. This paper sorts: 114 through 贵族宝贝>


2, improve the website chain

we constantly improve their own content, give users a better experience, but also to the search engine ranking a let us better reason.

site in the development stage, has not much content for us to add, especially for the majority of small and medium enterprises, the industry itself is not the website content, this time is no optimization space? This is not the case, we can also use the fine-tuning, make a web site can be further.

when we are filled with a lot of website content, this time we should stop to check, how to add their own content and quality, is not conducive to the user to read, is not the content of the website is of better quality than peers, can better solve the needs of users, to web content richness, there is no corresponding with pictures and video on site, image is clear, the website of the product whether can solve the problem of the user…… These are all we have to check the contents of.

an example: before the site of the turnover rate is not high, then the products on the website with the user’s evaluation, the turnover rate is significantly improved. These details are factors that can improve the local optimization.

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