Soft Wen promotion market and how to choose the regular hybrid marketing company owners

soft is a source of creativity, blog marketing, forum marketing, micro-blog marketing is still the essence of marketing, just changed the distribution channels and soft forms. The author believes that the healthy development of the soft industry, must rely on high quality copy writers as a source of power, only to professional excellence, in order to make the promotion of soft effect is more prominent. In the past we pay attention to soft Wen to have depth and intensity, now with the networks are >

quality determines how far we can go, promotion determines that we can not go out. The promotion of soft soft writing is like the mountains of the jade, Guanghua outside now, of course, promotion is also very important. In the high weight website (sina贵族宝贝.cn, sohu贵族宝贝, Tencent贵族宝贝, NetEase, Chinese daily, Chinese, qianlong贵族宝贝, china贵族宝贝, China broadcasting network, Chinese Economic Net……) release, compared to the real meaning of marketing promotion through general channels to release the soft advertising like dozens of pieces of money can send dozens or hundreds of portal sites have been lost, pushing the media network through the authority of the news media, let more people understand the company’s brand and products, its authority is beyond doubt.

, is the purpose, the reason is very simple. From the definition of network soft is the key to build the core, quickly refine brand advantage, but also for the target population, competitors, market environment and planning out a series of marketing soft, through the media publicity, in order to attract many consumers concern, has become the focus of brand influence in a short time. With the development of electronic commerce, marketing demand grow with each passing day, the quality of the soft is more and more important. In March this year, Shanghai first love Scindapsus algorithm aims to launch a crackdown on spam chain, low quality of soft Wen promotion site has been severely punished, even some cheating site has ceased to exist, and as a high quality unwavering platform should consider how to make can be more perfect.

with the rapid development of e-commerce, a variety of large and small sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like the same network integrated marketing emerge in an endless stream, has attracted more and more attention is concentrated, soft display enterprise core culture, is also the enterprise website to a mature catalyst. By writing marketing has become the site webmaster friends do with an indispensable one important link. In the face of the Internet is gradually perfect, such as soft Wen promotion platform is also increasingly like bamboo shoots after a spring rain face the soft market emerge in an endless stream, but ferocious strikes, how to choose a reliable platform has become a real need for the promotion of stationmaster friends difficult problem.

network every day in constant change, network promotion also change rapidly, the traditional method of good use, still can exchange site promotion unique charm, can also produce the power of the network, to the enterprise, webmaster, web site operators to bring opportunities and influence. The characteristics of the network itself determines its interactive, diversified forms, spread wide, clear focus, high input and output so that the advantages of network promotion.

The effect of

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