Several methods quickly improve the weights of the railway station

four. Do update

chain structure is also love Shanghai lifting weights of the railway station, so the new station must do within the chain construction, make internal links unobstructed, let all the web pages can be linked to the internal links, this love >

two. The love of Shanghai to improve the weight of

improve site weight, weight of first name! The domain name weight can be said to be the first website weight, then how about the domain name have weight. Is the old domain name! Love net or laggards forum domain name trading area to find some old domain name, through Alipay secured transactions or is a domain name website platform to buy, buy the old domain name a few principles we should pay attention to! One is the domain name must be in the domain name has been used, if it is a registered two years the domain name, but never ran the project site, then the domain name and domain name didn’t make any difference! Just a little advantage to hang GG advertising! Two is the old domain binding site must be and you will be operating the project a high degree of correlation, for example, before the old domain is the QQ site, and now you have to do beauty information website, this website is very easy to be loved in Shanghai " sandbox " observe for a long time! So choose the old domain name must choose the high correlation of third! That is the domain name contains the core keywords, this is the best of the old domain name! There is such an old domain name, to promote the new weight and a good

One of the standard !

like A5 and behind this kind of high weight of soft Wen release platform, once a soft article published by the audit, the general minimum can bring 5-8 high weight outside the chain, and the chain of different websites, to promote the new fast weight of a great help!


. Buy an old domain name for the new station

five. How do the construction of the chain of


railway station, the most direct way to gain weight is to promote the website included several! So the early new day to keep 10-30 high quality of the original article is necessary, this period is the new assessment period of Shanghai love, but also love Shanghai for the new weight upgrade period! So every day update frequency and regularity, let the love of spiders in Shanghai every day don’t stop! So you can make the new weights rise

use some soft Wen !

love Shanghai love Shanghai’s entry in the weight is the highest, which I believe we are no doubt! And love Shanghai entry even in GG also have a certain weight and ranking of the new station, if you want to quickly improve the weight of words, we should try to make a few more entries in Shanghai love Shanghai, love plus related entries link, so easy to get the trust and love of Shanghai enhance the website weight


three. Release platform to improve the weight of

enhance the website weight is every webmaster and think of things, but we all know that the weight of a new station to get higher is not easy, so how to promote the new weight of

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