Continue to improve website weight from long-term but the method is still very important

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the weights of the website promotion, is every webmaster must overcome the problem, some people want to be able to instantly improve, some people want to be able to constantly improve, and hope to be able to instantly improve the webmaster is now indeed there are many There are plenty of people who, like Shanghai Longfeng optimization methods, but I believe that this approach is undoubtedly the spoil things by excessive enthusiasm and for a regular website, is not appropriate to do so, because the method itself is love Shanghai or abandon Google, if found, the site will be difficult to stand up, even if it can be optimized to the home, still have to back, so I believe that the weight of the website promotion, should go for the road, down-to-earth, step by step, this website to be able to stabilize the weight lifting, there will not be big A big fall phenomenon!

believes that many webmaster website, Shanghai dragon optimization basic principle is that content is king, the chain for the emperor, the author also held a positive attitude towards this view, but the author for some webmaster misinterpreted the meaning or content is king feel very sad, many owners think that content is king requires many websites to engage in original content, but this for the grassroots webmaster, this requirement is very harsh, every day a lot of original content updates, this is basically impossible, because to write original content is very time-consuming! So the author thinks that content is king, is to provide high quality content to the user, and the original content, and the content of high quality there are still some differences!

then again, many owners also know the necessity of promoting the sustained and stable website weight, but a lot of people in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, often because the method is not correct, or optimizing a website, suffered a bottleneck, or imperceptibly came to Shanghai dragon optimization errors, causing the site unable to get up after a fall! So the website weight wants to achieve stable lifting, to master the correct method is still very important, here I come to share the current mainstream three optimization methods!

content quality and update method


in addition to the need for high quality content, also need to master when updating the content, we should pay attention to some methods, must the rule update, many webmaster summary, ten o’clock morning, about two in the afternoon the update is good, or is ten pm, two o’clock at night, it’s a bit harsh, I think. Go to update every day, and ensure the quality of the content can be, the key is to be updated daily, not three days fishing nets two days of drying the update!

in general, to help users is of high quality, according to this, the content of the website can be through the collection, through the pseudo original, to enhance the appeal of website content, but also to update a number of original content, increase the love of Shanghai and other search engines to appeal, of course to the original content do a good reference, to be able to help the majority of users, such as high quality content can!

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