Four ways to make the site quickly from PR0 to PR3

had a period of time to a friend, he said after the content of the website can still do, is the lack of external links, but also have to get some related content webmaster exchange Links, after that, I began to look for Links, but I find a station in others say I PR0, and no how many included, no one is willing to exchange with me.

after I updated daily rewrite articles, and increase the external links to my website finally when update the PR value from 0 to 3. At that time I check my PR3, I can not ah, which is so soon to 3? I was not wrong, and refresh your look, really is 3 ah, in order to ensure the safety, I find the PR URL search to identify genuine inquiries about is true. Oh!

official website upload, thought can finally see. Ha-ha。 The site after the first let a friend gave me a look, his evaluation is my site collected too much content, search engines are not friendly, I also don’t understand (even included in the query do not know), then from the Internet to find a lot of relevant information, to understand the website content if it is full copy and paste the contents of the search engine, especially unfriendly. So from the beginning, I write articles, sometimes write their own free phone tutorial, adhere to update my site every day, I will go to site station every day, love Shanghai also included every day, the heart is very happy.

I do not know what Dongdong PR, only know what love Shanghai included, then a friend told me the PR value is assigned a weight of nobility baby website, 0 – 10 sites with higher PR sites also have very high weight, but also pay attention to some people through the PR hostage exchange friendship the. I have a PR website and included pages rarely, how to change Links? My friend told me not to Links can do single link ah (a kind of external links later I realized, I found some) blog forum registration, and then put their content on the web site to release (content with their own connections, but really useful to publish) content, otherwise it is easy to delete the site administrator, because he thinks you have not used or what, you are to do advertising.

do stand 2 years, talk about their start station within a month to PR0 PR3 experience, beginning in the 2 month period to do the little point HTML, easy to use DIV+CSS to do some pages, let me talk about my experience.

is just beginning to do a website when I feel fun, I have a friend who is a website promotion, website after I saw him very interested, so I bought a space and domain name (the cheapest kind of static), no clue what to do, what good? Think back to friends the same, at least what do not understand can also ask him, so I made a friend and about the site, but the content is all I get.

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